Do I really need 2 ?????

  1. I just got 2 Carlys.
    1 black leather demi, 1 medium black signature.

    I am keeping the demi NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

    I am kinda having regrets on the medium signature.

    I like the khaki/saddle but I just got the same one for my best friend. I would LOVE the khaki/blue BUT I can't find that even on eBay!

    What about the khaki/black? What are your thoughts on this combo? I figured it was a compromis between the khaki and black!!
    Carly khakiblack.jpg
  2. I personally like the khaki/black. If I decide to get a carly when my ban is over, this or the chocolate would be my choices.
  3. If you are not in love with it,don't keep it. you will find a better price later, i'm sure, if you change your mind.

    good luck!
  4. I just got a Carly too. When I was deciding, I looked through the pictures and thought all the other combinations were nice, but the khaki/black just too much contrast.
  5. Before I even read the body of your post, my first thought was, "Yes! You need two!" How bad is that? I didn't even know what you were talking about - LOL. I just know the more purses the better - hee hee.

    Anyway, after reading your post, I still have the same opinion. However, I think I'd get the khaki/black medium Carly in place of the medium black signature Carly. I love the khaki/black color combination (it's so classy and seasonless) and it's a great compromise between the two. :yes:

    Yes, you NEED two.
  6. I am in love with the khaki/black signature combo bags...I have 3 bags in this color combo and my large Sig. khaki/black Carly was my latest addition. You'll love it! I've gotten many compliments on it!!
  7. I kinda agree after seeing it in person...I got the medium khaki/saddle and I LOVE is a GREAT color combo!!!
  8. I don't really like the khaki/black all that much.....I think it's the large C's that kill it because I love the khaki/ebony legacy stuff.
  9. does anyone know if the khaki/blue is still available in Jax?
  10. I figured the khaki/black could go with either color and I wouldn't have to switch purses.

    Sorry I didn't specify earlier (DH was rushing me off the computer) I meant do I need 2 black bags, not 2 carlys.
  11. If you're in love with it and you know you'll wear it constantly, go for it. Many of us have multiples of bags we love.

    Otherwise, keep the money.
  12. well I bought it with a gift card so its no money in my pocket. I would like to get something else instead of it sitting up in my closet.
  13. I got the khaki/black carly yesterday and LOVE it!!