Do I really have to use products from the same line!?!?

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  1. I've always been told to use the products together from the same lines. But I cant seem to find one line that has everything I need. This is what I use:
    Cleanser - La Prairie
    Toner - Dior Matte toner
    Serum - Revive protectif serum
    Lotion - La Prairie marine bio thing
    Sunscreen - Sheido 55 spf it bad that i use different products from dif lines? Is this advice just really outdated or what? I mean each sales at the different stations always give me different advice and is always trying to get me to buy all my skin care from them, but I really cant. There's something I like about each product that the other skin care lines just dont have.
  2. IMO, it is just a marketing ploy. Use the product(s) that works for you. Mix n match is definitely ok :tup:
  3. I like to use everything from the same line, I have it in my head that products in lines are made to compliment each other, not some other brand. This may just be something in my head though, lol
  4. ^^^ Yup. If, for example, you buy a certain cleanser, the company doesnt want you to buy your toner and moisturiser from another brand. They lose money if you do.
    They'll tell you that the cleanser wont work as well if you use a toner and moisturiser of another brand. But thats bollocks. At the end of the day, let your skin tell you whats working for it, not someone behind a counter.
  5. Listen to what your skin tells you - if you're fine with what you're using, why would you want to change that? ;)
    I don't want to make generalizations, but some sales peoples might just want to get more of your money, but of course they don't tell you, they suggest you NEED their whole product line, otherwise it won't work :rolleyes:
    The pro I can think of when using all products by one brand is that they might have carefully matched components.
    In my opinion the best you can do is find out your skintype - this sometimes can be hard as their are some types that aren't very common / popular - and make some internet research to see what people having your skin type are using (e.g. gentle cleansing, alcohol or no alcohol and so on)!

    This way I found out my very rare skin type that non of the so called pros could tell me before...

    So, listen the your body, it will tell you what is right!
  6. As long as your skin responds well to it I think there is no problem. Sometimes there can be a chemical reaction when combining skin care that can cause such things as acne... rare, but it does happen. I think if you wanted to achieve a particualr result (eg, skin firming) you should stay within the same brand and range.... this is what I do.

    All of my skin care is Dermalogica and all makeup Dior.
  7. You should look at the ingredients and figure out what it is that you need from it. It's perfectly fine to mix and match your skin care and make up as long as you find a combination that works for your skin. It's "easy" to just go with the same brand and product line but you may be paying too much unnecessarily or worse... not taking advantage of other products available in the market that your skin may benefit from. When there are so many choices out there, how do you stick with just one brand?
  8. Personally, I have always liked using everything within a line because as it has been mentioned, skincare lines produce products that compliment each other.

    But I also know people who mix and match and it works for them. If your skin is responding to what you are doing, then why not?
  9. no you dont!!! Use whatever works for you, thats the most important.
  10. Ohmygod, that is exactly what I was thinking. I feel exactly the same way.

    Clinique has everything I need and works great. Infact their so good their the only skin care range I trust & allow myself to use.

    But sure you can mix them. If their working for you & you really love the products you're using, then why change?
  11. who said that? you dont really have to.

    I use Clinique anti-bacterial soap and other brands for toner and face lotion. You can do whatever you want, dont let those companies bully you into buying all their stuff. get what works for you.
  12. I mix up lines too and I never had a problem...hth
  13. ok thanks everyone! I was planning on buying some more products during saks FF event and I've always been told that its like some sort of sin to use different products from different lines. Glad to know thats not true!
  14. I've never used only products from the same line, and so far so good... no problems.
  15. I used to mix lines, but for skincare, i stick to the same line.

    For hairs, i mix around.