do i really have to say GOODBYE.......

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  1. :cry:

    ok, i am facing sort of a very upsetting issue and i am going to resolve soon...... if any of you read my thread "simple love story" about my ECRU ml........about how i make a mistake of impulsive buy for my fall grey and finally decided to have it change to ecru then not a single piece in Sinagpore and DH secretly arrange with the sa to hunt down a piece from another side of the earth for me.......... now i am facing something really upset! i bought the purse from chanel store in Singapore and about 1 month later when i wanna bring her out for a spin, i discovered NO authenticity card in there!!!!!! FREAK OUT!!!! call my sa and she need me to bring the purse down for them to check so to make sure i didnt miss searching any possible spot in the purse.... DAH!!!! okie, no card still so she will write in to Paris to have a card issue to me, that was like a month ago?? and this afternoon, she called me, with BAD news....... saying that now PAris cant just reissue another card for my purse!!!!!??? so, now theres 2 options Paris office give me. 1, send my purse back to them, they will rip off the hologram in my NEW purse and redo another hologram accompany with a card with matching serial number. 2, i will have to kiss goodbye with my ecru....forever and they will issue me a credit note, again!!!!! i am so sick and tired with the later as ive been through that with my grey and i really think they will take forever to get this done and most importantly, i feel i am risking my purse for some ILL treatment during the process!!!! i really dont wish to wait for monthssss........ back comes a ruin purse, to a certain degree!!!! im a perfectionist.

    well, i have another purse in mind actually even before i received the bad news today...... and my friend almost got it for me the day before in Germany BUT no stock, everywhere!! so ended up with no new purse. so i think maybe i should just return my NO IDENTITY purse to exchange to my next purse in mind!?

    i also did consider i can just forget about the card and keep my ecru BUT i know i cant, being a perfectionist, this is way too much for me!!!

    btw, my sa says Paris side told her that they need to INVESTIGATE before giving me an answer...!!??? telling her that each card cost euro$350..... i told my sa that they should stop saying that as in that case, they should pay ME the euro$350 as what i pay for my purse SHOULD include the card!!!!! so stop telling me about the VALUE of the card!
  2. burberryprncess

    ok, we carry on from here...... oh yes, i remember about your case, you did post up pictures for members to judge which is looking more perfect, right??? i remember!!! okie, from what you say, i cant help thinking this...... its the store who lost the card maybe!!!!!!! is that why they say Paris cant just issue a new card for now, being an excuse!!!!
  3. wow you should definitely return the purse and buy another one. A chanel purse is of no value without the authenticity card :sad:
  4. Joope, I am reposting what I've written on the other thread:

    Joope, I bought a bag from BG that did not come with a card. Paris forgot to send the card with the bag when they shipped to BG because my bag was never opened. The manager at BG approved the order of a brand new card from Paris. According to her, if Paris forgot the card, they can issue a new card, but only if it is their mistake for not shipping one with the bag. If it was the store that lost it, then Paris will not issue a new card. I am still waiting for my card, which can take up to 6 months, it's been 2 months now.

    One would assume it would had been easier to exchange for a new bag. I did and didn't like the second one that was sent, so I opted for my original bag, the perfect one in every way. So when it boiled down to perfection with no card or imperfection without card, I opted for perfection despite the missing card. The choice was difficult since my bag is patent and patents have issues with cracked straps. Mine didn't have the problem.
  5. Yes, that was my thread. I think in your case, the store probably lost the card so therefore Paris will not make another one. Had it been Paris that forgot to ship the card, then Paris can make one. It so happened that mine wasn't the only one at BG that didn't have the card. There was another tpf member who bought without the card shipped, so BG knew for a fact that Paris did not ship the cards.
  6. burberryprncess
    for my case its too complicated!! first of all, this ecru is shipped from another country to Singapore so i can have it to exchange with my grey, so now who lost the card? Singapore?? or the other country?? i am really so tired with this whole issue ever since i get myself into the 2010 fall collection, enough!
  7. yes, thats exactly what my dh says...... its like a person with no id!!
  8. That's tough. I bought a Beige Jumbo without a authenticity card from Bergdorf. It was brand new as all the tissue was on it and even on the handle. I think it was also the case that Paris forgot to include the card. I didn't wait for Bergdorf to figure it out as I just sent it back and bought it from Neiman Marcus. It was right before the price increase so I wanted to make sure the problem was solved and I am not a patient person.

    I think yours is harder to find so I may send it back and get the hollagram sticker redone and a new authenticity card if I really loved the purse and couldn't find another one. Although, I am not sure I trust it to come back in the same condition. Otherwise, I would just return it for something else as it seems like you already have something on your mind. It's probably easier to just return it and get something else. But, it depends on your patience.

    I actually was just thinking to keep the Beige Jumbo without the authenticity card as it looked perfect and I probably wouldn't even have looked for the card if I hadn't found this site. It's only important if you intend to resell the bag anyways and those are easily misplaced. I don't intend to resell, but never know.
  9. Absolutely not true. As long as the hologram sticker is intact and everything else is correct, then you are fine.
  10. But there is an id.....the hologram sticker.
  11. Personally, if I was in love with the bag and it was impossible to get a replacement the authenticity card would be worthless to me. I'd rather have the card that I love without the card, than be without the bag.
  12. if you bought the bag from a legitimate Chanel boutique and intend to keep the bag for good, then the card means nothing. However, I think if you plan or happen to want to sell the bag down the road, absence of the authenticity card will make it harder for the bag to sell. There is a reason for Chanel to create the authenticity card that matches the hologram sticker. Therefore, the hologram sticker will mean nothing if there is no authenticity card that matches it :smile:
  13. For me the card is not that important. If you absolutely love your Ecru flap, I'd keep it. People loose their cards all the time anyway. The hologram sticker is more important than the card IMO.
  14. It is more like: the authenticity card will mean nothing without the hologram sticker to match the number on the card. Many owners of vintage bags lost their cards, and many dept stores have bags without cards, and they sold. It is really the hologram sticker that is important.
  15. I never said the hologram sticker is not important nor bags without authenticity cards are impossible to sell. However, unless you can explain why Chanel makes the embossed authenticity card to match the hologram sticker, you can't say the authenticity card is not important.