DO I OR DON"T I....NEED some advice

  1. OK here's the thing.....

    I recently sold my Ink Day and Greige City since I really love the Shrug style. So I've been on mission to find more Shrugs, and found 2 in the colors I want......but they will cost about $2000 :nuts::nuts:

    Should I bite the bullet and buy them both (even though I really can't afford it?) Should I hold out for a little luck and hope to find them over time on eBay?

    I know that I shouldn't go into more debt for my "sickness" :p-at least that is what the angel in my head it screaming to me. However, the devil on the other side is saying....are you nuts?? Get those bags!! You LOVE them!!

  2. I would hold out for one to pop up on eBay~ you can buy them for a lot less! But I know how much the devil is telling you to buy them and it's hard to resist!!!! LOL
  3. OMG,:nuts: definitely hold on a little longer. Shrugs show up on eBay some times for a good price.:yes: Have you seen them IRL and tried them on? because i bought one from Barney's in Ink color and did not like the style so much so i returned it. It was on sale for $599 but please don't pay $2000 for a shrug.:love:
  4. Hi Nanaz.....Yep, I actually have one from a PF'er in black and really do love it. Do you remember how long ago it was when it was on sale???
  5. Can you buy the one you like most out of two now and get more later? I know what you are saying, I am always finding bags that I "must" have and can't afford all of them... and I don't want to sell my bags to buy more:crybaby: Maybe the key is for me to stop looking.
  6. I would say it was around holiday time, may be close to two months ago. Give them a call, you never know.:shrugs:
  7. What do the shrugs look like?
  8. Here is a picture of Ronda girl's Gray Shrug. Ronda baby i hope you don't mind.:p
  9. Ronda........I LOVE YOUR SHRUG!!! IT IS MAKING ME :drool: :drool: .......Ohhhh, I think I'm going to have to add Gray Shrug to my list!!

    Thank you Nanaz!!
  10. I think you should wait :yes:
    They show up often on ebay in much much better price than $1000
    Good luck!!
  11. get the one of the two you REALLY REALLY want, and wait for another one on ebay or sales :yes:
  12. Thanks for the compliments on my gray. Don't pay so much for one -- my Gray is never used and I got it for $699 on EBay. Here is another EBay find, for the bargain price of $399!!!!
  13. Yeah, I would wait. You just never know what may pop up on ebay...;)
  14. there is one on ebay right now for like $600 i think. I wouldn't pay that much for the bags, ESPECIALLY if you can't afford it right now. One will come, i say wait it out.
  15. wait the one on ebay sold. But see they do pop up all the time! goodluck!