Do I not exist?

  1. I went to the Coach boutique this past weekend, and there were SIX associates in a very tiny store. I was intending on making a purchase but from the minute I walked in, they acted like I wasn't even there. They continued to chat and giggle while I aimlessly walked around the store looking at the new stuff. I got so fed up and just left without my purchase. Why in the world are they acting this way?? I know I look young, but seriously I'm plenty old enough to make my own purchase. I was dressed fairly well and I even had my large carly with me!
  2. I am so sorry about that. Some people just don't care! Oh well, they're the ones that lost a sale.
  3. I'd either call and speak to a manager about it or I'd find another Coach boutique if that's an option. There's no reason for that type of treatment. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience.
  4. that sucks! you should did an "AHEM" really loudly!!!!! :p
  5. Sorry for your experience. I know exactly how that feels as I've been in exactly the same situation a year ago. I was so upset as when someone else arrived after me, they flocked to that person. Although I'd hate to be hounded by a sales clerk, a little acknowledgement of my presence would have been appreciated. I wrote the Coach Management and of course, they sided with their SAs and did not even get an apology:sad:
  6. OMG I'm so sorry that happened to you!!!! What a shame. =( I'm sure the manager would like to know about that, tho.
  7. Don't be afraid to assert yourself. While they should have greeted you, there's no reason you should have to go away empty-handed.

    For some reason people seem to take this kind of situation personally. It's not personal, the employees were slacking off at that moment. If you want something, go up to one of them and ask for it. Nobody gets anything in life by being shy and hoping to be noticed.
  8. I'm generally not a shy person, and if there only would have been the usual 2 or 3 SAs it would have been fine. Six SAs is ridiculous, especially when they just seem to be there to have a good time!
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that happened. I would have walked right up to them and said "You work here, right? I need some help." They are there to help you with your sale; it's their job. I'm sorry to hear your missed out on a purchase. I wouldn't be afraid to go back and try again. Treat yourself!
  10. Sorry to hear about this experience. I've only had two bad experiences at a Coach store and I've never returned since.
  11. Usually when I walk in they are all over me!!!

    I am so sorry...they keep that up, their sales will go down, and someone will notice!
  12. I personally hate to be bothered when shopping. But that really sucks that you went in with the intention of buying something and ended up leaving emptyhanded.