Do i need yet another black bag??

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  1. hi ladies, so lately i've been thinking that i *need* a smaller, more carefree black bag. i already have a black caviar woc which i use for errands and such, but i wanted more of a bag bag when i'm not using my black M/L classic flap. the problem is, i'm not into boy bags and i don't want a square mini. chevron may be nice if it came in a rectangular mini. any suggestions?
  2. How about a reissue? I've been seeing a lot of TPF reveals of chevron black on black reissues that are stunning.
  3. i bought a black reissue 225 with GHW and ended up returning it. i felt like it was a little heavy for everyday use, especially since i don't carry much.
  4. I have two black WOCs, and I'll probably end up with a black lambskin Chanel bag one of these days. You may not 'need' another black bag (any more than any women 'needs' more than one bag, lol), but you'd hardly be the first to have several bags in such a basic, often worn color.

    Heck, I anticipate ending up with 4 black bags and I don't even wear that much black :smile:

    Edited to add: I'm not sure what to recommend to you if you want a small bag and you already have the M/L and a WOC. Maybe just keep an eye out for a seasonal that speaks to you. Those Trapezios sure are cute.
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465517975.660937.jpg

    another vote for trapezio in black! I saw this on Instagram and it looks casual enough for errands. They have small size.. not sure about the weight though.
  6. I like this one...

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  7. absolutely lovely!! that looks like mini rectangle?

  8. Yes! Get that.
  9. You ALWAYS need another black
  10. Is this one available now? I love it too and would jump on it if it is :smile:
  11. have you tried on the square mini at all or do you just not like the way it looks? I own both rectangular and square minis, as well as the woc and my square mini is by far my favourite bag. I'm about 5'6, and I actually like where it sits as cross body, I guess i'm a weirdo. The rectangular sits right at my hips and i feel like it really gets in the way. Both minis fit about the same, and as a bonus the sq mini is a bit cheaper than the rectangular mini.
  12. i actually have a square mini in red already and don't own a rectangular mini at all. i'm not sure if this so black chevron mini is still in stores. but i guess i'll wait for something like it!
  13. Chevron mini was from last year...
  14. so black square mini!! yes get this!! last time these were available was 15S. i don't think any CF so black is available this fall, the only one seems to be the so black reissues.