Do I need TWO Ediths?

  1. So as many of you know I ordered and received my whiskey Edith - then out of the blue a (long cancelled) order from NM was filled (without my consent) for a Chocolate Edith.

    I really love the Chocolate (although my DH loves the whiskey - it's like his favorite bag i've ever purchased!) -

    I also purchased a chocolate Muse (which I adore) and now i'm on pre-order for the hermes Orange muse for fall. (I also just received an Ivory Muse which DH HATES - so yeah I think that's going to be returned - plus if it's between having the Orange muse or the Ivory muse - I really want that orange!)

    I really should get rid of one Edith but I don't know what to do. On one hand I feel silly because the whiskey and the chocolate are SO SIMILAR - but then again - it kind of breaks my heart to send the chocolate back as I think she's so cute!

    What would you do if you were me? I really need some advice here!:flowers:
  2. Yes!!! The chocolate Edith is absolutely gorgeous. I had no intention of keeping two Ediths either, but it pained me to get rid of one. So, they both became permanent residents.

    In terms of style, I think the chocolate Edith is so different from the muse, that you can't considering them competing styles, so I think you're safe with having two.

    In the end though, the real question is whether you would use it. If so, then keep it. If not, then return it.

    Good luck, sweets! It's such a difficult decision!!!
  3. But what about two brown toned Edith bags? Is that completely frivolous?
  4. I don't think it's completely frivolous if you use them. I find the whiskey warmer toned than the chocolate. The chocolate is so wonderfully neutral that it's absolutely versatile with warm and cool tones. If it was a paddy chocolate, then yeah, I would say it's more on the frivolity side.

    Besides, frivolity is in the eye of the beholder. What's frivolous to some is a necessity to others.

    EDIT: I was just thinking "Where is Roey with all her chocolate bags?!?"
  5. ^^I know - roey will talk me into my chocolate! : )
  6. I don't think you need to keep both of them. From your post, I don't see you "defending" the whiskey, so I'd send that back if I were in your place.

    Besides, chocolate is such a versatile colour and you so clearly love it :smile:
  7. If you had to send 1 back I would send back the chocolate. The whiskey is a very unique color and I feel showcases the Edith the best (leather, stitching, etc). You'll have other opportunities to own chocolate colored handbags but how many handbags do you believe you will ever own in the color whiskey?

    Of course, I'm biased because I love my whiskey. :love: But when I am complimented on the bag the first thing that is noticed is the color, then the leather (pebbling, slouchiness) and then the shape.
  8. Don't return for the sake of returning. Keep it if it makes you happy.
  9. Of course it's frivolous silly!:yes: But it is also a no-brainer necessity! :lol: You waited so long for choco and you received exactly what you wanted in leather texture and distressing! Who knows if you'll ever get that back if you return the bag and decide to repurchase at a later time.

    Look at me with choco Edith, chamois Edith and choco Muse. Gonna keep all three and let the name calling begin!! But I did sell my choco Paddy satchel to finance the Chanel of my dreams when it went on SALE (the beige/black Multipocket Reporter which is similar in color to chamois Edith!). So now I only have five choco bags. :biggrin:
  10. I totally preferred the whiskey until I saw the chocolate IRL - total convert.... all of a sudden the whiskey became a briefcase for me - even with the requisite scrumples! The whiskey Edith was my DHs favorite bag of all time too!! but that was not reason for me to keep it, so back it went! But whiskey is still a luminous bag and absolutely gorgeous - I struggled with the 'should I keep both?' question. Keep the bag you love, but it you love both and cannot part with either then that's an acceptable answer too. Don't worry about the Muse - too different to compare!

    edit: and DH admits he probably liked whiskey because it DID look like a briefcase/man-bag! His second favorite is my black muse - go figure!
  11. BL - I didn't realize you had a choco Edith! Where are your photos?!
  12. Not at all frivolous. You'd wear them with different colors anyway. I'd say keep them both:biggrin: The Edith in choco is absolutely gorgeous (and so is the whiskey) so just keep them both and save yourself the agony of having to choose LOL.
  13. I am wondering if I should try to get the chocolate to see if I would like it better! You ladies are such a bad influence!!!! Or should I say "bag" influence? mu-ha-ha-ha-ha. :lol:

    (clears throat). Ahem...sorry...hehe.
  14. ^^^ the choco is truly gorgeous IRL. You just dont know how much restraint it took for me NOT to buy it when I saw it at Saks. To this day, i'm still thinking about it:cry:
  15. I wish I had the chocolate Edith! :yes: I have the grey and the whiskey. :shame: I have been meaning to return the grey, but it just never happened. First I couldn't find the receipt, then I found it again and realized that I couldn't do it. :yes: :P