Do I need toe taps to prevent scuffing on my boots?

  1. Hi All,

    I recently bought a pair of $350 boots which have been worn 8 times so far. During this time of wear, I noticed that the boots are getting torn up in the toe area (the leather at the tip of the toe is becoming damaged from scuffing). I attempted to try to polish it out which makes them look alright for now, but any further wear will just damage them further and eventually permanently. I have included a few pictures of the boots in their condition at the moment - see pictures below.



    Does anyone have any links to a website where I can purchase (toe taps? -is that what I need?) . The ones I have seen are some sort of plastic tap that nail into the sole near the upper toe area. The shoe repair shop is nearly 45 minutes from me and would hate to drive down for something that takes only minutes to add to a pair of boots by being able to order the taps from online.

    Secondly, can someone analyze or tell me what I must be doing to do this scuffing? (am I not picking up my foot far enough?) How can I change my walk in the boots so I don't scuff the toe area like I have been doing?

  2. Gosh I have this SAME problem!!! I hate that!
  3. I put toe taps on ALL of my pointy toed shoes BEFORE the first wear. I learned this lesson the hard way. If the shoe has a natural leather sole and is pointy (most Manolo's) the sole is quickly eaten away causing scuffs and eventually a hole - requiring that the shoe to be resoled. I hate those plastic soles that the shoemaker puts on ( I think they make the shoe look soooo ugly) so my solution: put on toe taps BEFORE I wear them for the FIRST time.
  4. I am clueless. Will someone please post a picture of these miracle "toe taps." I have never heard of them until today and I have already scuffed a pair of my fav heels to somewhat like the picture.
  5. Any new info on toe taps?
  6. I've not had much success posting pics since I need to resize or upload elsewehre to upload. I'll try to take a picture of one of my boots and post the picture for you .....The toe taps are pea shaped metallic or sometimes plastic thingies that the shoe maker attaches to the front or heel of the shoe to reduce the erosion of the tip of the shoe (or heels on mens shoes). They are inexpensive and the purpose is that they get the friction or erosion rather than the tip/sole of the shoe. When the taps get eroded you replace them and save wear on the sole/tip of your pointy toed shoe.
  7. Where do you buy shoe taps?
  8. It also depends on how you walk. I have over-pronation so the outer heels of my shoes always get worn down :tdown:
  9. I believe any shoe repair shop has them. It's not something you apply youself - the shoemaker/cobbler will put them on your shoe for a nominal charge. A few bucks usually and well worth the cost IMO.
  10. Here are some toe taps - as you can see these are pea-shaped pieces of metal that my shoe repair guy placed on the very tip of my pointy-toed Manolo Blahnik Boots - these prevent the soft leather sole from being rubbed away when you walk. My shoe repair guy also added a thicker leather sole similar to those found on mens shoes.
  11. Toe taps
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