Do I need to treat/spray my Kooba?

  1. I just got a gorgeous Ginger- do I need to treat it with any kind of leather protector? If so, recommendations? thanks!
  2. Hi, I wish I had an answer for you! I was wondering the same thing! I just bought a brown Meredith. I love it, but I wish that the leather was just a little bit smoother or more lustrous like the brown Charlie. I also want to protect it.
    On that note, I'm still trying to decide if I should stick with the Meredith since I prefer the shape, or go for a Charlie or Nicole that has the type of leather I prefer. My life will be in chaos until I decide. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
  3. You know what.......I wouldn't treat it, if it were mine.....I would just let it weather.......but that is just me....
  4. i was always terrified to treat /spray anything on any of my bags! terrified!!!
    but after much convincing i decided to use the wilsons and i am SO happy that i did

    I now can actually use a bag and if it happens to rain i dont have to have a heart attack about it

    it DOESNT STAIN! its amazing, before alex got ruined, i took it out and there was a rainstorm and it got all sorts of wet, looked spotted with rainspots i was terrified, and then they dried RIGHT UP NOT A MARK ON HER! :smile: it was amazing

    so i am now a FIRM believer in the wilsons spray
    AND i just got a meridith and i treated the crap out of it, because i know its the same leather as the charlie and thats is the one lexie had in rose and it got ruined in a week, and she had treated it,,, but i am treating it even more so hopefully it wont get messed up! :smile:

    but yea i would say spray it!
  5. I treat all of my bags with either Wilson's leather protector or AppleGuard. I just do one light coat and do think it helps repel raindrops.
  6. Thanks guys- I have a black Ginger - I love the leather and don't want to change it but wasn't sure if I should treat it? Kind of like my Uggs? (I treat them with Ugg spray). Meletonmc- I love the brown Charlie. That's a tough call if you like the shape of the Meredith but the leather on the Charlie or Nicole. Go with your gutt-I wanted a Ginger, bought a Carla at Bluefly cause it was on sale and they seemed similar and even before I got it I knew I'd be returning it - got a Ginger on eBay and am sooo happy. Anyway, go with your instinct!
  7. Thanks Nightbird! I think that my gut is telling me to keep the Meredith. I just hope that Nordstom's doesn't mind when I go grab and feel their Charlie's.
  8. I have a brand new Lena in Honey, so this is the question I'm asking.
    I'm in Australia, so the internet aside, I'm not certain that Apple and Wilson products are readily available here (which would be my product choices respectively).
    Does anyone know if Collonil Waterstop Spray is any good for Kooba leathers?
    Is it just as effective as Apple and Wilson products? Does it stain, discolour or darken the leather?
  9. I've put 2 coats of Wilson's on all of my bags. I wouldn't do without it. It saved my Alex bag from an accident involving Italian salad dressing. All that oil! I was sure the bag was done for. I washed it off with a wet cloth and the bag looks like nothing ever touched it.
  10. Hmmmmmmmm......I just might rethink this......