do i need to put my name down for an anthracite money?

  1. :drool: or do they only do that for bags? please tell me they are to be expected mid feb!
  2. I assume you're talking about BalNY -- I'd say call 'em and ask if they take names for the accessories. They don't get all the accessories in all colors, but they probably made a good bet that anthracite will be popular across the board.

    Still, it doesn't cost anything to put your name down and it means they'll hold one for you, so I'd definitely do it!
  3. Oh, and when I was last in the store, I asked if they were coming mid-March, and Kim said she was hoping sooner than that -- maybe end of Feb, early March.
  4. ^^thanks! cant wait!!
  5. I have my name down for an anthracite money at Nordstroms in Sacramento, and talk to Sarah Hinkle if you are interested.
  6. Oh, she told me they are coming in March 3rd..
  7. if u're dying for one, can't take the risk then...
    i'll say, put ur name there girl :yes:
  8. This sounds like an amazing color - Wish I could see IRL somewhere here in Chicago