Do I need to put leather waterproofing on my Speedy handles?

  1. I got my first speedy today (a 30)! Yay. Should I protect the canvas and leather parts with apple guard? How do you all protect your speedy? thank you.
  2. Congrats on your new Speedy!:yahoo: There's various threads on protecting the vachetta. Do a search on Apple Garde or Shining Monkey.:yes: IMO the canvas doesn't have to be treated just the vachetta:smile:
  3. Congratulations.....I have done nothing to protect my speedy. I have had it since this past May.
  4. Apple guard , forget about shining monkey it's for car use only .

  5. Congrats! I have used them all, they all work great!
  6. congrats...
    as for my mono speedy handles, i just leave them untreated....
    i believe in aging gracefully.....
  7. I sprayed mine with shining monkey, the car care product. It works great! I got soaked in a rain storm yesterday and my speedy handles got very dark. They look great today - no water marks. I want the nice patina, but I despise water marks and stains!!
  8. a purse member user got a very bad skin reaction , I would not use it to avoid problems.
  9. Congrats on your new absolute favorite bag!

    I use Apple Garde to protect my bags. It works GREAT. I give them 3 good coats with the spray, about a half hour apart. I let it dry thoroughly between coats. Apple Garde does not stop the patina, but in my experience it definitely slows it down, which I do NOT like, unlike many people here. I like the patina, so as soon as I get a new bag, I will put it out in the sun in my backyard for the entire afternoon, two days in a row. I do this before I do the Apple Garde, otherwise it will take longer to darken. Anyway, after I do the 3rd coat on the vachetta, I let it dry several hours. Just wipe off with a soft cloth whatever gets on the canvas...the Apple Garde will not hurt it. After that, I will condition the ENTIRE bag, including the canvas, with the Apple leather conditioner. It keeps the canvas supple and will help keep it from cracking many years down the road. I condition my bags every few months.

    I don't have a clue why anyone would not want to protect their bags. Not only does it help to prevent water spots, but it also helps to keep them stain resistant. In other words, it will help to slow down/prevent those nasty black handles others get on their speedies.

    Use your new bag in good health!

  10. I like the comment "aging gracefully". I tell myself that is what I am doing each day. :P
  11. thanks for your suggestions!
  12. I never ever put ANYthing on ANY of my bags with vachetta. I've said it before, but my mom had and carried her very first bag, a Speedy 30, since the early 90s and it's still gorgeous (I use it now). Plus, even now, SAs do not suggest treating your bags with anything, as that is considered an alteration and should your bag ever need fixed, they won't fix it because of the alteration.
    I think the whole treating your bags idea is quite a recent thing because I've known (and seen) a LOT of people who have had their bags for many years. They're still in beautiful condition, even after having been used continuously, the leather getting wet, etc.; the vachetta is supposed to turn colors- it's in the nature of the vachetta used. I agree with blue_77 and also believe in letting the bags "age gracefully." If you want to, fine, but it's by no means something that's absolutely necessary to extend the life of your bag.
  13. I think you should let it darken, looks gorrrrrrgeous after awhile.
  14. I got caught in a small rain shower on my way out of Target about 3 days ago and I got a few spots on my vachetta but they went away! I think you should just enjoy your bag and not worry so much..