Do I need to be nude?

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2009
    In the 12 months since I started collecting CLs I have never got the passion inspired by his nude shoes :shrugs: I have a built a collection that contains not one nude and have never even been tempted...............But just recently I have begun to add a few to the watch list (just to see what they sell for) and think ' I missing something?' :thinking:'Does my collection in fact have a nude gap?'

    Then these popped up - my size, reasonably priced and from a TPF home so onto the watch list they went :yes: Now it's crunch time and Ebay have decided to drop a 10% off voucher into my inbox :sweatdrop:

    So tell me ladies - you know my collection - do I need to be nude?
  2. Grrr, everyone has 10% off except me :crybaby:I want one!!!

    As to the nudes ... definately! I wasnt really a fan of nudes but i definately want to add some sort of nudeness to my collection later this year. And as for the style ... that's exactly what i would go for!
  3. I don't really get the nude thing, either... though I like the way it looks on the right skin color. Try some on and see what you think?
  4. On the right skin tone CL nudes look great! Very leg elongating, and they go with pretty much everything that you don't have another color shoe to go with. :tup:
  5. Don't feel left out Chins, you've got that very beautiful and HTF nude satin LG in your collection. :tup: How long has the nude patent been on your brain? Are you after a particular toe color? If this is something you can't stop thinking about, then I say give it a go. Other than that, I think your collection is just fine without one. I love the diversity of styles and colors that you built up in your collection as it is.
  6. Hey, Tracy! I know!!! You have such great colors in your collection and i am a big fan of your collection because i love colors!... but as you know..I'm a big fan of the nudes too..(I bought the burgundy tip and SO the gold tip!!). i think it will be a neutral that looks great (not just "go") with everything shoes, kwim?
    that said, it's also partly because i don't have the great colors (you have!) to match with any outfits i'd like.
    I think the nude is great especially in VP... butalso somehow i feel the nude in nude is just too pale ... maybe the burgundy tip is great if you like a splash of color in your nude? as for the gold tip is just my first love. and that's just me.
    in summary, because of your diverse collection, you don't need a nude and if you are not particularly impress then don't need to get it for the sake of it.
    my 2 cents.
  7. i've never ever been tempted towards the nude department for some reason it doesn't do it for me. i think u should do what ur heart desires. i love ur collection and if u don't feel the love for nude then maybe it's not ment to be for u.
  8. I agree with Keya. Depending on the skin tone, this color can be very complimentng to your legs. Personally, I love nudes, especially when they are VPs.
  9. Go nude, Chins. Everybody's doing it! ;)
  10. Go for it, chins! Nude is classy, sexy, and makes the legs look miles long
  11. If you think you will wear it, go for it! :smile:
  12. Aww thanks Lav :hugs:

    And thanks ladies for all the advice :flowers: Keep it coming..............

    I'm still undecided.........the tip is right for me - I have burgundy tips on my black VPs, don't dig the red and I just don't wear gold :shrugs:. I have emailed the seller to see if they would consider shipping to the UK.............
  13. I always considered the nude VP a "staple" in my idea of a perfect (but not necessarily large) collection. Like others have said, it is a classic style, and I'd be hard pressed to find something it doesn't go with. If I didn't get the burgundy tip, the nude tip would've been my second choice.

    I think you should get it. Maybe you can contact the TPFer to arrange a BIN. I don't think pictures do the nude VP justice... and if you still aren't in love, you can always sell them on eBay and at least get your money back.

    This is one of those instances, I think, that if you passed on it, you would really regret it later.
  14. I have one nude shoe for those outfits that work with nothing else. You should have one pair (just one).
  15. i love the nude!!!!!! i need a pair myself :drool: