Do I need this shoulder tote????

  1. Tried this on today at the Coach store and fell in love. I have 4 signature print bags, do I need another??? It is SUCH a great size...

    [​IMG]:shrugs: What to do???
  2. I love it! You should get it.
  3. i say yes.

    you fell in love. and you love the size.

    but right now the colors are only brown, khaki chestnut and black. if you have these colors already, and you don't think you'd use it as an everyday bag i'd wait, that one is considered a classic and in the spring time they may bring it out in more colors.

    or check outlets, i believe the khaki with white trim and khaki with gold trim on the bottom was transferred a while back...but it may be hard to find
  4. I love the chocolate color - my new fav color for fall. My other sig print bags are khaki...
  5. thats a bag i'm in love with. i like the chocolate color with khaki. love it.
  6. If you LOVE it, get it. This way you won't regret not getting it.
  7. I have this tote and I love it! It's a perfect size, fits a lot of stuff and it's not heavy. The leather is soft and I just love the look. Check out my pics!
    You should get it for sure:yes:
    Coach-tote2.jpg Coach-tote3.jpg Coach-tote4.jpg Coach-tote1.jpg
  8. If you love it get it, I have fallen for each of my bags and I have no buyers remorse after.
  9. Get it & Post pics after!! I love the shoulder totes but I'm not using mine as much since I'm having shoulder pains lately. Don't know why maybe my bag is too heavy. But you will love the tote!:yes:
  10. Get it, because you really like it and it's beautiful.
  11. That is seriously one of my top 3 dream Coach bags. I looooooove big bags like that and waaaaaaaaaant it so bad, but it is way outside of my budget.

    I say go for it if you fell in love!
  12. Wow! I love that bag,definately get it!:yes:
  13. Such a great bag....Get it.
  14. We don't purchase new bags because we "need" another! Go for it!
  15. my mom just got that bag she loves it
    hopefully i can use it soon haha :biggrin: