Do i need this in...(enable me please!)

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]alright girls, you all have almost convinced me to get a medium ergo tote..... now do i need it in signature, or leather? i really like the sig, especially because in the pictures, the bottom looks like it's reinforced w/ leather....i do like the leather though.. i only have one leather bag, and i do love the buttery soft leather :smile: then again, if i am going to spend that amount of money, i want it to scream coach... if you know what i mean.. another question is, how is the strap drop, for those of us who have fat arms?(here's a sizer.... my soho flap which has three adjusters?! on the last hole fits great, and second from the last is alright but not as good.. can anyone go from that as a way to tell me fit wise?)i think you all should stop talking about it...NOW so i don't buy one:drool:
  2. S-i-g-n-a-t-u-r-e!!!
  3. Of the pics I've seen of the Ergos, the leather ones look really yummy...I think they scream Coach even without the signature!
  4. I vote signature! :yes: