Do I NEED the wapity?


Dec 13, 2005
I think the wapity is cute for the sumer, the white MC especiallly. But am I being greedy? recently bought a small jimmy choo wristlet bag AND my boyf bought me a gorgeous Fendi Selleria python day clutch...
I feel like the Fendi is a little too winter, though timeless. Should I get the wapity for the summer, or should I save towards another bag? (I want the Muse... in white *sighs*)

This is anyone?:blink:
It might be a little small as a clutch, since you would basically have to use it as a wallet itself and put your cards and cash in there. It is adorable though !
kathyrose said:
If you want it and can justify owning it, why not?

Thats just it! I CAN'T justify owning it, as I have something that will serve the sme purpose. But as ayla said, its adorble.

Then agin I have something similar and I'm not the hugest fan of the MC line.
But its great for summer!
Listen, Im going to be an odd-ball here...but Im guessing that you need to save some money and that is why you're debating on whether or not you NEED the wapity. I am in the same situation with college tuition and everything and I thought I really needed the wapity so I went to the boutique with the intention of purchasing the Wapity. However, once I got there I realized that a cles can serve the wapity's same function and it's a lot cheaper. For some reason it looked like a lil' camera bag to me and also too small to be carried as a clutch (although someone in the forum said that have used it as a clutch).
So I guess all Im saying is that it really depends on your budget. Dont buy something you'll financially regret later...get something you can afford and trust me when I say that LV has the most adorable small accessories you can find (and some of them wont put you out of $300). The cles in Mono or Damier is only $150ish.

Either way, good luck with your purchase~ Im sure youll pick the right item :P

sorry about the rambling....:shame:
Yep, take a bit of time to think about it because it sounds like you're not that interested in buying it to begin with. Maybe at the moment you thought you were interested because you heard about the wapity "love-in" that was going on on one of the other threads! :biggrin:
I was going to get the wapity as well..but I saved a couple hundred by buying the wristlet from lesportsac "tokidoki" line..its so cute and I can be a lil'rougher on it than i could the wapity! plus its a little bigger and can fit my pochette cles, cell, camera, etc.!!
I was going to get the White MC wapity until I saw how much it can hold. I spent less and went with the mini pochette accessories bag, which held a lot more. It's the monogram canvas but has a dainty gold chain that you can make into a wristlet strap, a pochette strap, or clip onto the D ring in your bag and make it a change bag. It was only $218 after tax (OH tax)