Do I need the wallet?

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted your opinions on a wallet. I just got the Chain medium hobo with horsebit in black for Valentines Day, from my husband. This is my first Gucci, and now I'm wondering if I should get the matching wallet? I have 2 LV bags and a matching wallet all in monogram. What do you think? Thanks!!
  2. get the wallet!!

    I used to think that the whole matchy-matchy thing was lame, but now that I have the wallet in the Gucci material (which matches my boston bag), I ran out and got the key case too!!
  3. I'll get it today! :smile:
  4. Post pics! :smile:
  5. Can't wait to see the pics- early congratulations
  6. Did you get the wallet??????
  7. I def would..I bought the wallet before I bought my Guccissima chain hobo!!! I do things backwards sometimes!!...All my bags have matching wallets..It's anal I know but can't help it...SO YES!!!!!! get the wallet!!!
  8. I wish all my bags had matching wallets. I have to many bags (I know poor me) and I change bags almost daily depending on what I am wearing. It would be to much of a pain changing wallets so often.
  9. yeah im the same as beljwl...i have my gucci wallet and i never change it but i try (emphasis on TRY) to change my bag daily....

    haha hey to me a wallet is a step up, i used to just use my gucci planner as a wallet!!!! :smile:

    I think if ur really into matchy matchy stuff, then splurge on the wallet....but its tottally not nessary! :smile:
  10. Thanks everyone, I got the wallet, I'll post pics tomorrow.;)
  11. get the wallet for sure, love to have everything match
  12. Haha, I wish all my bags had matching wallets too.

    I say def get the wallet!
  13. congrats, can't wait to see your matching set!
  14. [​IMG]
    A little late, but here they are. :smile:
  15. Congrats!!!!VERY NICE!!!