Do I NEED the aqua city?

  1. Help girls, I love everyone's pics of their aqua cities and I love them! My dilemma is do I actually need it being that I already bought a FB city and a vert deau? Is that over kill on color for one season? Advise me, all of you knowledgable bbag girls! Help
  2. Aqua is a BEAUTIFUL color. I saw it on a city with GH and almost peed my pants! If you can swing if financially and you totally love the bag, then I say why not?! However, (voice of reason here), if your bank account isn't going to be happy about it, I'd hold off. You could always save up and wait until a season goes by when people start putting their Aqua bags up for sale on eBay.
  3. Shasta - I have seen both aqua and FB IRL and love them both, but would definitely choose just one. Since you already have the FB I would wait on the aqua. They are bound to pop up on eBay in a few months... plus, the fall colors will be out before you know it!
  4. I think the aqua is beautiful. I agree w/kristy - if you can afford it, go for it. Otherwise I'd hold off :smile:
  5. It's really drop dead gorgeous IF you can find one with bright color. The color and leather varies on these but the City I just got is very close to my '05 turquoise. The GH aqua has more gray & reminded me of a brighter BI. The 2 are very different.
    One things is for sure, when Daphne says that she has her hands on a really spectacular bag that is very different from the others or any that she has seen, trust her and get it. Everytime she has said this the bag has been incredible.
    Neither my Mom or I were really looking for an aqua City but she said you have got to see this bag I found. She was right, it's :yahoo:
  6. YES you need one!!!:p
  7. Need? How about want? If you get what you want, you'll satisfy the need. I say go for it, Shasta! Aqua is such a beautiful color. I have it in a coin purse and I'm constantly staring at her. What more in a much bigger size like a City?!
  8. I say get it if you can! Aqua ia AWESOME and I want one SO bad!
  9. Do you need Aqua? Probably not :p But if you want it and can afford it, I say go for it. It is a gorgeous color and I don't think it is too similar to the French Blue and Vert D'eau that you already have.
  10. I agree. It's a fantastic color... if you can swing it - I would say definately yes!!
  11. Well heck yes!!!!
  12. there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to bbags. and technically none of us really NEED 1k bags. but i guess we need them because we want them.

    i say go for it if you don't think you can live without it. the aqua is a beautiful color. very bold. great for spring and summer. let us know what you decide!
  13. i would say get the aqua, but not in city, maybe in work?
  14. ooohhhh... I didn't think about a work!
  15. ^ :yes: Definately something to consider.... I think aqua is gorgeous in all of the styles though.