do i need more weekenders or this cute panda wallet?


more weekenders or panda?

  1. panda wallet

  2. more weekender/work

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  1. i'm torn with this...
    on another side, i wanted more and more weekenders or maybe a work in darker colours... or i just grab this cute panda wallet? :p
    i already have this cute LV panda in medium organizer, and i also already have 2 weekenders in turq '04 and caramel '05 :p

    i know i'm asking this in this crazy b bag girls sub :p but i believe u lovely girls can help me out and thinking rationally.

    which one?
  2. lol.. sea - I already posted in the thread you have NOT in the Bal forum.

    So just so you don't have to go back and check...

    basically - my gut feeling is - WEEKENDER!!!!

    But I guess to be rational - here are the questions/points I would consider:
    - panda wallet would make a cute match with the organizer
    - does the panda wallet fill a void in your collection? Ie. do you already have a wallet that would function the same as this panda one?
    - the weekender would be in a colour that is in a different colour family than your 04 turq or 05 caramel - would a 3rd weekender go with parts of your wardrobe that these two don't?
  3. ^^ OMG, so cute, get the panda wallet!!! :wlae:
  4. oh hard choice to make. I feel for you. I would love to have a panda anything. :girlsigh:

    Is the wallet the same price as a work?
    Since you already have a panda something you should just get another bbag. More BANG for your Buck.
    If the wallet is a lot less then another Bbag then I say get the wallet!!!!
  5. I say the Panda wallet. I actually own the entire Panda line and this wallet is very cute. hmmm, I really need to get it out and start using some of it...
  6. jadecee! :smile: i just reply ur post too :p

    my only wallet is a huge LV MC PTI (i'm only crazy about LVs by takashi murakami)
    and i "think" i need a smaller wallet to fit in my new balenciaga clutch :p for going out at nights...

    and yes, the wallet is cheaper than a work/weekender :yes:

    my weekenders are turq 04 and caramel 05, and i "think" i need something in darker colour, but i do have a dark coffee fbf first :smile:

    aarrrggggg i'm so greedy!
  7. OMG!!!! did u say entire????
    aawwww..... i love the bigger panda wallet too, but i think i'll just go with this compact wallet :p
  8. Oh wow Donna:wtf: the whole panda line???!!!!! Lucky. Did you post pics if so can you direct me to the thread please? I would love to see and drool over it.
  9. I would say another Bal. Maybe a darker colored Work, because you don't have one of those. Maybe by buying Work instead of a Weekender you can have enough money left over for the wallet? I have no clue what LV stuff costs so please excuse me if that makes no sense...
    Or how about something even smaller from the Panda line? maybe a credit-card size wallet or coin purse? I bet it would be sufficiently cheaper and could leave enough money for a Work?
  10. :roflmfao:me too, Donna! please can we see your whole panda line:nuts:
  11. slinks, yes, i also think that i don't have bigger b bags in dark colours :p

    the wallet will cost me around 700 because it's a LE from 150th LV annivessary and only sold in japan. the smaller from this compact would be this porte monnaie round (the round coin purse in the bottom), i found it not efficient to use.
    and will cost me the same with the compact wallet :cursing:

    btw the organizer i already have is this one on the bottom :
  12. Yes - murakami's designs for LV are too cute for words!!

    hrm... I still think you should go for whichever one fills the bigger void in your collection. Whichever one would make your collection more "complete" in your eyes. But then again, slinks' suggestion of getting a work instead of a weekender so you could possibly get a work AND the wallet sounds potentially doable? Although - given the price of the wallet... you may be looking more at a First to make one thing comparable to two things!

    Would you ever consider the small Bal wallet? :shrugs: It'd be a lot cheaper than the panda and it'd complement your Bal clutch so well... but it won't have a cute panda on it..