Do I Need Both A Black City AND A Black Twiggy?

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  1. Does anyone here have any duplications of color, just in different styles? I have both the black city and the black twiggy and sometimes I feel a little silly. Do you think I'm being ridiculous? :confused1: Sometimes I think that it's okay - maybe I'll just keep one - after all, they're basically the same bag...what do I need the same color for? My friends think I'm being redundant....any thoughts???
  2. Obviously it doesn't matter what your friends think...only what you think......

    Have said that......

    Do you use them both? Why did you buy the second one? Are there other colors you might want?

    Personally I think they are too close to the same size to have both. I would probably get rid of one and get something in a very different size/shape because I like variety.
  3. Do you use one more than the other?
    if it was me I would sell one to get a different colour.
  4. ^^ send me the twiggy, problem solved (lol!!!) :p
  5. that was too funny:roflmfao:
  6. If you use both, keep both :smile:

    I'm not a fan of "getting rid of a beloved purse just to get another color". But hey, if you see yourself reaching for one of the black purses and that one ONLY, sell the other one :smile:
  7. I think the City and Twiggy are different enough in style to justify having two in black. Plus, there's nothing edgier or cooler-looking than a B-bag in black!!! Hotness!!!
  8. Absolutely.

    This from a person who has two blue Cities :smile: .
  9. No, get one in a different color
  10. I would keep the City sell the Twiggy & get something else
  11. I wouldn't personally keep both, but please never forget that there are people here who own two b-bags in the same size and same exact color, just because they love it a lot. It doesn't matter what other people think about what you do, owning both is perfecly right as long as you're happy with it.
  12. I first got a black first and then a black city- I think it's justifyable as the twiggy is smaller and therefore more of an afternoon/dinner/party bag and the City might be more useful for work/uni etc. as it holds A4 stuff and more. And black is always a verry classy, appropriate colour:yes:
  13. I have black in almost all bbag styles and I am not regretting it.

    They are different bags despite the same color.

    Black is the best Bbag color I reckon.
  14. hmmm...i wuld keep the city not day since u have two same colors jus different style...but i prefer city style.....:smile:
  15. It sounds like you already feel that you really don't need both bags. If it were me feeling the same way as you, I would really have a long hard think on which one I just COULD NOT part with and sell the other to get a delicious colour that is different enough to compliment your wardrobe.

    Maybe something that will add a splash of colour to your outfits? That way you will have two balenciaga's that you reach for, for completely different reasons. e.g my anthracite twiggy is dark but the natural (an off white), is the 'pop' I want for the stand out appeal. Yes, its two identical bags but I reach for them for completely diff reasons.

    But that's how I would see it....