Do I need ANOTHER Wang?

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  1. Hi everyone. I just wanted your opinion. I've recently bought a rockie (my first) in black calf with soft gold studs 50% off in the sale. I'm a huge fan of Alexander Wang and his bags really suit my personal aesthetic. However, I'm just wondering if I really need another Wang. I have a collection going back years and currently own:

    Diego - black calf w soft gold studs (my fav)
    Diego - tang (coral) calf w soft gold studs
    Rocco - white pony skin w silver cupcake studs
    Kirsten - bone (a creamy white colour)
    Lia - black w yellow gold studs

    My main concern is that Alexander Wang bags are very much of the late 2000s/2010s and will most probably not stand the test of time. Whilst I am not looking for an investment bag (I buy Wang purely because they are perfect for my style), but likewise I don't want to be left with 6 bags that could suddenly be VERY dated.

    I know people have said for a while that Wang bags are on the way out, but they are still here. Plus Net-A-Porter still stocks the black Diego, Rocco and Rockie almost in the permanent collection.

    Also, I have the Diego in the exact same leather/stud combination (I tend to prefer the more polished look of the calf leather over the pebbled lamb leather).

    What do you all think? Should I return it, keep it, or perhaps trade it into my collection at the expensive of selling something else. But if so, which other bag should be sold

    Thanks in advance for any opinions!

    IMG_1498671732.805938.jpg IMG_1498671750.790740.jpg
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  2. Well, I've learned the hard way NOT to sell any Wangs. I had a black Diego that I found a bit difficult to get in/out of so let it go but I'm still kicking myself because, as you say, they just fit my aesthetic. I think the Rocco/Rockie styles will be around for a long time and are considered contemporary classics, so I wouldn't let the Rockie go either.

    If you find you use all the bags and aren't needing $$ to save up for anything else, I'd say keep them all. I don't believe Wang's designs "won't stand the test to time"...I'd almost put the Rocco/Rockie styles in the class of the Balenciaga motorcycle bag in classic staying power and useability!
  3. Thanks for your reply foxgal. I really appreciate your input

    Sorry you regret selling your Diego. I think I'm in the minority where I find the Diego such a user friendly bag and part of my love for it stems from how easy I find it to get into. No zips or ties, just put my hand straight down and grab what I need. But, as I said, I'm most definitely in the minority there!

    I think I agree with you about the Balenciaga motorcycle. And really hope the Rocco / Rockie is here to stay!

  4. I think as long as YOU love the bags and that it works for YOU and that you use all of them - you should keep all of them regardless if they are on trend or not. However, I think you should expand your horizons and maybe invest in similar styled bags from other designers that may still fit your aesthetic (I am talking about the Balancianga City bags - as they feature similar stud details and can be considered a classic item). And in regards to the duplicate Diego.... sell it and get something else since you already have the same one already - no point having doubles! I hope my opinion helped you and good luck on deciding! I would love to see a family shot of all your Wang's - they sound divine!
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  5. Thanks! They are wise words I have toyed with the idea of a Balenciaga in the past, but have never quite taken the plunge even though I adore them. Although I do have the double tour bracelet as a token gesture!

    Bizarrely I haven't bought a Wang in years. Probably since about 2013/14 when I bought the tang Diego. My last bag was a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. But I keep bouncing back to Wang! Aside from the style, his bags are just such beautiful quality, really durable and age really well.

    Thanks again for your advice
  6. I'd say keep it, you bought it 50% off so your cost per wear will be pretty low even if you use it only for a year or two more.

    If you are still using your other AW bags, keep the ones you love and sell the ones you rarely wear.

    I have 2 Rockies (one like the one you bought and another in royal blue dumbo leather) and I've toyed with selling one but I haven't yet. I still love my black Rockie and use it occasionally.

    Good luck with your decision!
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  7. Thanks Luv2Shop1 Oh, you can't sell! Your rockies sounds like the perfect AW collection. A neutral classic and then a colour pop. Royal blue is my favourite bag colour, so I am super envious
  8. I reckon go ahead and get the bag 100% - it will go up in value with wang's new collection being so soon.
  9. It will not go up in value, it will decline in value if resold.
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  10. And if I had to choose between my Balenciaga City and any of my Rockie's or Rocco, hands down I'm choosing my Alexander Wang's. My Rockie's or Rocco get so much love from me lol!
  11. I think the Rocco's / Rockie's are definitely here to stay they are a classic duffle design. For me, they are my contemporary speedy 25 and 35.
    I just cannot bring myself to wear the speedy or the neverfull. So my Rocco's / Rockie's have taken their place and I love using them as a weekend travel set instead of the keep all. Just wear one crossbody and the other is hand luggage. An LV keepall is just too heavy to carry so I can split the weight between my favourite babies and look super stylish at the same time.
  12. I love the Royal blue pebbled Rocco. A seller in my country wanted too much money for it so I ended up buying the Rocco in Cola (red) with rhodium hardware instead. Then I bought a silver pebbled leather Rockie and a metallic teal pebbled leather Rockie. I just need two more in pebbled leather, a Rockie and a Rocco in Black with rhodium hardware and I swear I won't buy another....unless it's in Black with antique gold hardware lol!
  13. reviving this thread.. how has that black in calf leather worn? I just bought the baby version of that. I had a bad experience with the mini pebbled lambskin rockie in RGH so I returned it :sad: ... I was wondering if yours wore like the lambskin version or does it still look new?
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  14. I think you need a black Donna bag. Absolutely love mine