Do I need another LV for My Birthday?

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  1. My birthday is in July, and so I've been vising LV pretty often and trying on bags. Nothing really "grabs" me, except maybe a speedy 35 (already have a 25 and share a 30 with my sister) or the Pochette Bosphore. I want something more casual. Anyway, my problem is that I've been finally working on my dollhouse I've had since I was 2. I'm doing the electric, wallpaper, flooring, molding, buying new furniture, etc. The cost of this + the cost of the roombox I'm doing, is over the cost of both of those LVs combined. My parents have asked me what I want for my Bday. While an LV would be nice, I was maybe thinking of asking them to help me finish either my roombox or dollhouse or both...however I don't want to regret the chance to get another LV! I feel like I don't branch out to other things, whether it be another designer handbag or just ANYTHING else...however I don't seem to mind it when my LV collection keeps growing!!!

    What would you do? :smile:
  2. I say go with your gut, don't get something from LV just to get it, you may not love it in the end. If nothing grabs you, why try to find something that will? There will always be another time to get LV.
  3. if there's no LV urge now than i think there's no point getting for the sake of getting it. i feel that finishing the dollhouse/ roombox have more sentiment value to u so this will probably be a better bday gift to u
  4. Thanks guys! I'm leaning toward no LV.
  5. u are welcome :smile:. happy early b-day!
  6. yeah happy birthday in advance to it! go with your gut feeling, if you don't need a LV at the moment, put the money somewhere useful!
  7. The dollhouse sounds unbelievable! That's been my dream too, I'm glad to hear other people are into dollhouses too. I don't even own one though, but ever since I saw the Queen's, I've wanted a crazy one of my own with heat, running water, lighting, flushing toilets, etc.
  8. Thanks for the bday wishes girls!

    lol! I've never seen the Queen's. I've had my dollhouse for YEARS...since I was 2. I'm going to be 22. Only the bottom floor has electric/wallpaper/flooring and the kitchen is 100% complete. HOWEVER I was about 10 years old when I chose the furniture for the kitchen, living room (the rooms on the bottom floor), and the whole rest of the house. Right now I'm kind of having a change of heart and I'm playing around with the idea of new furniture. The only thing is that I don't want to rush myself or buy everything at once since I always thought of a dollhouse as a long term project...thats why I started doing a roombox after's something that isn't going to take as long to complete, and it's my dream dressing room! Anyway, thanks for everyones opinions. I'm still torn! I may just ask for money and do both the dollhouse & get a small bag, but I'm not sure. There is also a Chanel bag I'm eyeing but that would mean NO dollhouse OR LV lol. :love: The more I look at dollhouse furniture though, the more I want to complete it.
  9. i could not put a dollhouse in front of a new bag.
  10. lol.

    A few months ago I couldn't have. But I've had a few sour experiences at LV which led me into loving Chanel now too. The Chanel I want is a little too expensive to ask my parents for though--they may think I'm crazier than they already think I am!
  11. lol totally get the lv!!
  12. I just wanted to say I think your dollhouse hobby is VERY cool! I've seen some examples of major dollhouse rooms like you describe and they're so impressive. Plus -- you can always use it as a decorative/conversation piece when you're older and have your own house.
  13. Maybe a stupid question - but what is a roombox?
  14. I would lean towards the dollhouse, esp if there's nothing from LV you're dying to have. You would probably get more enjoyment out of it. Makes me kinda miss my old dollhouse but my pets would eat it anyways so it's probably best I don't invite trouble.
  15. ^I agree, if theres nothing really catching your eye from LV right now get something else.