Do I need a.......

  1. i DID buy a new croc kelly only last week and the matching wallet and the matching belt, the slingbacks early this summer along with Miss Miel, but....

    Do I need an ostrich bolide????????????????????? In a famously yummilicious color? Or is it just not me? i like kelly best and i like birkins for long days when i need lots of things in my purse.

    but what about bolide? it is ostrich for crying out loud. or should i wait for the elusive 35cm ostrich birkin at a reseller price? :shrugs:
    note: i do not shop this much all the time, honestly. it is the right time and making up for lost time and bipolar SA lol.
  2. HC ... I feel that you WILL be able to find what you want with this new SA of yours. At least with higher success rate. So, I think you can afford to show her your loyalty, and defer your intentions with buying from the reseller for a bit. Unless you get the "impossible" answer from your store, then you can go to the reseller.

    Let your SA know that you are already thinking of the next purchase and ask if she can help. That way, you might get lucky and the next 35cm ostrich birkin might be yours! Do it soon .... it seems shipments are flying out of Paris!
  3. What colour did you have in mind for the ostrich bolide?
  4. mrssparkles thanks.......i did that just minutes ago. she sounded very positive! i must be dreaming.
  5. There you go .... :heart::heart::heart: Keep the relationship warm :yes:
  6. :yes: thanks!
  7. Hmmm.... I did try on a ostrich bolide once...
    and boy was it LOVELY! a bit different...unusual...simply gorgeous!
    If your bank account allows for a spare ostrich bolide...I think you'ld love it and it would add some more spice to your incredible collection..
  8. I never thought I would like an ostrich bolide until I saw one.........and then I fell in LOVE!!
  9. Ostrich Bolides are SO gorgeous. If now is a good time even though you made all these wonderful purchases recently, then go for it!!!
  10. Ostrich Bolides are just yummy.
  11. GORGEOUS! I remember seeing a woman walking down 5th Ave with a gold ostrich Bolide and thinking how chic she looked!
  12. it got me started thinking is this a bag i can pull off? i do look best in a kelly. there was another in brighton blue in a luscious clemence, the perfect movie bag lol. i didn't bring any home. there is something else in the works and it's too big to not try to make it go through. i will keep you posted :graucho:
  13. :wtf:
  14. Seriously, HC - If you suit the kelly best you can definitely do ostrich bolide but depends on what colour you were thinking of. I saw a lady buying a cognac ostrich bolide in Paris that took my breath away. Never really been into ostrich personally, but this was the most elegant bag. :drool:
  15. a bolide ostrich would be a beauty and a perfect addition to your collection! enabler is my middle name, btw!