Do I need a Vermillion, a Magenta, AND a Violet?

  1. I bought my first brand new City this weekend at BalNY in Vermillion. It is a gorgeous bright, true neutral red.

    I also fell in love with the magenta while I was there, which is OUTSTANDING looking in giant silver hardware.

    And I also put my name on the list for a Violet City and a Violet Day.

    I can totally see getting both the Vermillion and the Violet, but if I have those, is the Magenta just too much?

    Help me out here! :rolleyes:
  2. I dont think so as violet is more purple and neutral whilst magenta is a shocking purple pink which is a 'pop' colour thus both would be good to have. Vermillion is nothing like either violet or magenta and is more of a conservative colour thus from my summing up you definitely need all 3!:p
  3. Full disclosure: asking me is sooooo asking the wrong person. The answer is yes, Magenta is in a category by itself. If you love it, get it, because it is a color that is REALLY not likely to ever be repeated or duplicated again. The LE is a stroke of luck for the Magenta lover.
  4. Well, I have a red bag (rouge theater), I have pre-ordered the magenta, and I'm on the list for a violet bag. can probably tell that my answer would be that they each serve a very special purpose. That said, if three is more than you need, I would try to choose between the violet and magenta to determine which one would give you the most use.
  5. I honestly can't think of any advice... Sorry! However, if you do like these colors and can afford to buy them, do it! If you decide you don't want one you can easily resell it because these are all popular colors!

  6. I totally agree! :tup:
  7. I feel like no matter what you are wearing chances are that Red and Violet are easier to wear then Magenta. I would skip Magenta.
  8. if you can get all 3, do it! even if they are all on the same side of the color spectrum, they are all very different from each other.

    i have a vermillion wallet and it's starting to fade just a bit from use. i think the violet and the magenta will wear beautifully as well. go for it :tup:
  9. I vote Magenta. It's such a fun color and really escalates a person's look. Especially with Fall coming up, it'll be a nice and refreshing source for that "pop" of color.
  10. Hmmm, they are all so lovely. If you can afford it, get them all. If you had to cut one out, I'd lose Vermillion...
  11. nothing wrong with having all 3...i have magenta, rouge theatre, and waitlisted for the violet!