Do I need a Twiggy?

  1. What I REALLY need is an intervention from this board!:nuts:

    For whatever reason, I am now looking at the Twiggy Style. Right now I have a First, City and Day- all in black. I've been able to rotate the city and day for during the day and I used the First at night.

    I was thinking of getting a Twiggy in a color other than black. Do I really need one though? Also, what colors would you recommend in the twiggy style? I'm afraid of the light colors- getting stains, dark handles, etc.. Plus I have 2 toddlers and don't necessarily take super special care of my bags.

    Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!!!

  2. mmm well my twiggys are bright!!! I have apple green and french blue, and i think the twiggy style really suits pops of colours. We do have a twiggy queen on tpf so hopefully she will chime in!!!
  3. Well, I hate to chime in here because in my opinion, the Twiggy is the most beautiful one, and everyone should have one, but what do I know?? :yes:

    I think it's a great bag and it's very easy to use, easy to find things in too. A great big opening and not so deep. I love it in all colours though, but I wouldn't choose a light one because you have toddlers!

    I cannot get French Blue out of my head in the Twiggy. It's amazing, but I don't know how the handles will do with long term use, darken, or not. Vert Gazon is also amaaaaazing in it!

    Thought about Anthracite? Will handle kids well with no marking or handle darkening, but it's a change from black. A steely, tourmaline blue. [ME <----- enabler ]

    I wish you well,

  4. Hello my friend. I was hoping to hear from you! In my search, I found the photos of your Twiggies :drool:

    I was thinking of anthracite. Do you know where I can find one at a great price???:yahoo:

    Thank you so much!!!
  5. Next week Saks is having customer appreciation, if you spend over $1000, you get a gift card, for Saks, for $150. So if you shop at Saks, it's a deal (like saving 15%), but if you don't shop at Saks, it's not really worthwhile. Saks Fifth Ave in Boca has at least one (as of lunch time yesterday, the leather was soft, but very distressed, especially the back). I bet BalNY has some left, but I would choose Saks over BalNY because of return policy.

    I wish you well,

  6. I say go for it in blue glacier
  7. Thank you Bridget. I don't really shop at Saks but maybe I will start- lol! When you say the one in Boca was distressed, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Z- I called the San Antonio Saks- I saw your other thread. Helen was not there but another SA said they did not have any in blue. I assumed someone had already snagged it up.
  8. i think your collection calls for a twiggy! i actually started with the twiggy before i tried out the city. it's not as boxy as the city, the handles fit easily over the shoulders, it holds a lot, and it almost looks like a city when not filled but with a more slouchy look. i love it!
  9. Thanks odd. Now I just have to decide what color to get and where to buy from....
  10. JudieH I really think Anthracite would be a perfect color for you. It looks absolutely stunning in the Twiggy!!

  11. Also, if you open a Sak's card that day you get another 10% off :yahoo:
  12. I spoke with Debbie at Saks- She was so nice and very frank. The way she described the leather on the back- it didn't appeal to me.

    I guess I could call Bal NY and then maybe be able to check it out in person. I would like to save as much money as possible. Does aloha rag have any in stock? Although I don't know if I would want to buy one site unseen :sad:
  13. Since you have so many bBags in black in different styles, I would recommend getting a TWIGGY in a brighter color. Perhaps sandstone or natural. This way you can have an everyday bag that will be easy to fit your wardrobe.

    Aqua is cute too, but if you're not used to that bright of a color, it might not work.

    All in all, TWIGGY is a must! I love the size and everything about it!:yes:
  14. Twiggy in red!
  15. Thanks for the post Judie... I have been thinking about a Twiggy myself!!!

    I think you should get one and try it out!! :yes: So you can tell me if I should get one too!!! :graucho:

    I agree that brighter colors look lovely on the twiggy... I like the Emerald, Lilac, Reds, Blue Glacier, etc.... Let us know what you decide on!!