Do I need a tote in my purse wardrobe? suggestions?

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  1. Why do I feel the sudden need for a tote in my life? lol
    I currentlyl own a speedy 30 and palermo pm, but feel that perhaps a neverfull mm or totally pm might be somethign I need.
    do we all need a tote in our purse wardrobes?
    if so which do you suggest? is the neverfull an all weather type of bag?
  2. i live in rainy seattle, and i have carried my neverfull in rain, sun, rain, sleet, rain, snow, and more rain. :smile:
  3. I think a tote is generically useful. I travel a lot so I have one (non-LV).
    But when I'm at home, I'm quite partial to top handle bags, even when shopping. Lately I'm convinced I should have a shoulder bag because it is more convenient for some things (like shopping I think it depends on your lifestyle. Totes are a great grab and go bag, and the damier ebene neverfull is both chic and worry free. So if you think you can use it, go for it!
  4. I really like the light airy look of the neverfull , maybe Ill wait till the spring to get one.
  5. I would say the Neverfull MM..
    The Totally is eco-friendly to your shoulder, but I like it in the MM size more (=
  6. ohhh so the neverfull isnt that comforable if you load it up with things right?
  7. the only time i've had it cut into my shoulders was when i had it stuffed with really heavy things that make any bag worn on one shoulder hurt. the straps can be a little stiff when the bag is brand new, but they seem to break in quickly. i have the mm ebene and an mm mon mono.
  8. I am flirting with the idea of a NF also - debating between the MM and the GM.
  9. here's my unsolicited $.02 on MM vs GM...

    if you're going to wear it cinched most of the time, go GM. if you prefer the un-cinched look, go MM. the cinched GM winds up being about the same size as the un-cinched MM. :smile:
  10. it's not bad for me, but the Totally is way more comfortable :P
  11. I think that there will be certain times when a tote will make you happier than a handle bag. I love the Neverfull MM as my purse for when I go to work, as I'll end up throwing in extra things that I want to take with me, such as letters, some paperwork, etc. But then I ended up loving the convenience, so I started carrying it more on the weekends, too, even though I have my nicer bags that I like to use on the weekends. So I'm trying to get a Neverfull GM to use more for work and then my MM will go back into my weekend rotation (and less wear on one bag!).
  12. I prefer totally. Not a fan of thin straps! I think a purse wardrobe should have a little of everything lol! A tote is great for busy days shopping or working or out with kids... It stays out of the way!

    Have you thought about the Galliera?
  13. Thank you for your input!
    I dont like the galliera and the big gold plate in the front.
    I guess ill have to try them on this weekend when I pop into the store :smile:
  14. Hey angeldoll ,:smile:
    I have to definately agree with Princess Saf ......Im loving the Totally MM way more then the neverfull as the straps are REALLY thin and uncomfortable on NF. I went to LV to compare the two bags in the spring before i bought......thats why I purchased the Azur Totally MM........ its a wonderful bag IMO, more structured and the zip is a plus!
  15. I say yes, you need a tote. Have you considered the Sac Plat, or a Chelsea? Very classy!