do i need a swingpack?

  1. i still cant decide if i need a swingpack as a travel bag or not. for $200 canadian, i feel like i could get a lot more bag for my buck, nwim? yet they look so cute! i m not a frequent flyer, but we get away a few times a yr. other then that, i might use it for quick trecks to the grocery store, or as a purse if i need to bring a large tote. worth it?
  2. umm....swingpacks are too small for me. You can't fit a wallet in it without the dreaded bulge. I opted for the Legacy hippie instead. Its bigger and nicer looking but still has the hands-free function the swingpack offers.
  3. Get the Coach camera swingpack. It is bigger and hands free.
  4. I have 2 I find the great for when I am going to an outlet, amusment park, or doing a lot of shopping at the mall because I have to carry a lot.
  5. I would look for a soft duffle on eBay. Great bag with more capacity and can be worn messenger or with the shoulder strap doubled over.
  6. Swing packs are small, but I sure do love mine. It's small size is just perfect when all I need to carry is my wallet, phone, and lip gloss. I can even fit my sunglasses in the top of it too.
  7. I have a pink swing pack for when I need to be hands free.. I don't know what collection its from but I liked the shape better.. and there good deals on eBay.. I got this one for 40 bucks NWT!
  8. I have three and one is the new Legacy Leather in Whiskey. LOVE them for travel. You can also adjust the strap and make it into a belt bag which looks really cool. I have to make it as small as it goes and it's still a little lose but looks cool hanging to the side like a belt. Saw a SA wear it that way and have been hooked.
  9. i still cant decide if one of these is a good investment. i have a 10% off for holts, but r there ever sales at macys or lord and taylor?
  10. i'm not a big fan of the swingpacks. when i walk, the pouch keeps swinging and hitting my leg. it's annoying. so then i end up flipping the pouch behind me so it doesn't hit my leg in front. call me paranoid, but i hate having my bag BEHIND me, i'm afraid that someone will slip their fingers inside and steal my wallet, or slit the straps and steal my purse before i realize it.

    besides, i feel that totes carried on the shoulder or arm are more fashionable...although uncomfortable while shopping. (my bf hates that i choose fashion over comfort and ease. lol!)
  11. I like to wear mine pushed to the front of myself. I think it is the most comfortable that way and I can see it too!!
  12. Tara that is a beautiful swingpack! I have never seen it before, what is the name? Do you have trouble with it getting dirty?