Do I Need A Strap?

  1. My DH and I were at the LV store in NY today and I was looking at the Keepalls.
    I really wanted one in Damier, but the 50 does not come with a strap.
    My DH and the SA were telling me that I really need a strap and that I will regret it if I don't buy the Mono version with the strap.
    What do you guys think?
    I really wanted it in Damier, but I love Mono also.
    Will I regret not having the strap?
    Oh, I did buy myself a cashmere mono ski hat and a denim sun hat. I didn't have to worry about a strap with those :smile:
  2. the strap really helps for me. when it gets heavy i use it
  3. Ya, I think you should get the strap :yes:
  4. yup...get a strap :tup:
  5. The strap is very useful!
  6. Agreed!
  7. Mine doesn't have a strap... not that big of a deal. I usually have it clipped on to my Pegase, though.
  8. I agree with everyone...a strap comes in very handy.
  9. Go for the one with the strap. If you don't find the strap useful, you can always carry it without ! :yes: