Do I need a Silverado?

  1. I've been on the fence about whether or not I needed a Silverado. I'm always in love with other's picture posts.

    Should I go Python or not? Snakes kind of freak me out, but the bag is so gorgeous. I was taking a look at hmwe46's posts in the "Silverado Authentification Tips and Pictures" thread and fell in love with her cognac/chocolate? 04 Python Silverado.

    What do you ladies think of the Silverado?

    I recently bought my whiskey Paddington I've been wanting for years, but now I am in love with the way Chloé bags look and feel in general. Let's just say I've fallen hard.

  2. I didn't think I needed a Silverado. Then I saw the most gorgeous, big, two-toned brown python bag on eBay for an unbelievably low price.

    I needed a Silverado! You might too.

    As far as the snakeskin goes, I don't feel good about a python dying to make the bag, but there is nothing creepy about the skin itself.:sad: It is soft and beautiful.
  3. Someone once told me, "it's not about need, it's about want"......LOL

    Seriously, I do feel the Silverado is a classic. The python is absolutely gorgeous, however, I have the snake 'thing', just don't think I could bring myself to carry one, so I opted for an all leather one.

    My Silverado probably gets the most compliments of all my Chloe's (and that's a few:blush:)
  4. Of COURSE you need a Silverado! :devil:
  5. I love the Silverado. I have had 5 over the past year and have just loved them all. The biggest one I regret parting w/ though is my green python lmtd edtn from 05:crybaby:. I just sold her and the scales were still perfect and it was such a WOW bag. There is one listed now on the bay for 399 starting and I have been drooling over it for days, I may have to try for that one, hmmmmm:upsidedown:
  6. i LOVE my silver one but personally i wouldnt do python (it does look hot but i dont wanna kill snakes) I think its a HOT bag.
  7. Yes, I love my Silverado - I think every girl needs at least one in her Chloe collection!
    I say go for it enshogirl - it's a classic Chloe.
  8. I love my black silverado, they are very classic, but I wouldn't do the python either.
  9. You are all making me want one really badly!

    I talked to my boyfriend about the Python bag and he told me if I carried a snake skin bag I'd look like a prostitute! :crybaby:

    I should get it anyways and rub it on his face and exaggerate the price I will have paid for it to make him mad. The big jerk.

    Does anyone know what other colors the leather versions of the Silverado come in? I really like some of the metallic colors, I believe I've seen a silver one before... unless that was some horrible fake. But if it is a bag I will use forever, which I think it will be, I was thinking maybe a gray or chocolate brown color?
  10. I have three silverados. The silverado was the style that made me want a chloe. I've stopped at three! All mine are the original leather. Python can be a little more expensive & I prefer to not have to be overly gentle or worry about my bags.

    If you are wanting one - I'd get one sooner rather than later since they are discontinued and are on eBay very reasonably priced.

    Of all of my bags they are the easiest to carry & easiest to look after.

    I'd say go for it.

    And in terms of killing snakes? I feel sorrier for the cows - who give up their lives for leather - snakes - don't like em !!! Look pretty as a bag :smile:
  11. The Silverado is my favourite style of Chloe and possibly my favorite style of all time! I have a muscade python silverado
  12. I love my two python silverados dearly. In regards to the snake thing, I'm justifying it with the fact that I've bought a used bag instead of a new one....kind of like recycling!
  13. My chocolate Silverado was my first Chloe. The style surprised me, I loved it as soon as I saw it but it looks even better being carried!

    So yes, I think you need a Silverado. :p

    I have attached a pic of my little family ...
    chloe_family copy.jpg
  14. I'm in the minority, I guess? I don't like the Silverado (on me, anyway). But, if you like it, go for it! It's a very popular style.
  15. Thanks for the input everyone!

    I am going to start checking eBay over the next few months and see if any good deals come up in a color that I just can't pass up.