Do I need a Rouge Vif City? Post your photo here to help me decide!

  1. So I am still on the hunt for a Blueberry twiggy or city. (A PFer mentioned that she saw a twiggy at Gretta Luxe last week but everytime I try calling the store, I get the answering machine. If you've seen one, please let me know!)

    Anyways, my SA at NM just called me today and told me that she has a Rouge Vif city that she's going to hold for me until tomorrow. I think the red of the Rouge Vif is beautiful but have not been into really bright bags lately. I'm torn. Should I go and see it? I have a feeling that I'll buy it if I see it. Or should I just wait for the Blueberry?

    Help me decide if I *need* this bag. Post your photos of Rouge Vif city bags here and tell me how you wear it - what colors, etc... Also, do you think that Rouge Vif will become a "rare" color? There is no red in the Spring, pre-Spring collection.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. the answer is yeeeeeees!!! :wlae:
    DSCF4115 REV.jpg
  3. heehee! Asking for pictures is just ASKING for the NEED to get the rouge vif city!! It's a really nice colour!
  4. Oh, yes, you definitely need a rouge VIF!
  5. I think it should be mandatory that EVERYone have a red City. I dont yet...but eventually. I say go for it!
  6. MANDATORY!!!!!!:yes: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. yes!!!! go get's a sexy bag!!!!:graucho: :heart:
  8. Yes, you need a Rouge Vif City! I looooove mine and I wear it with everything! Here are pics of me wearing mine with different outfits/colors(I think it looks great with green, too--in fact, looks good with tons of colors) and the last 2 are solo pics of it(one in the daytime with natural sunlight and one at night with soft lighting)...
    Rouge Vif yellow green tee shoulder.jpg Rouge Vif White top jeans shoulder.jpg Rouge Vif with shoulder strap.jpg Rouge Vif full front post pretreatment and For Handles.jpg tpf Rouge Vif filled with stuff.jpg
  9. ^pupster, your RV city is INSANE :drool::drool:.

    and don't even get me started on your avatar....:tender:
  10. Most definitely!! The rouge vif is a great color to have! :heart:

    ^Pup, I agree with Deco...on both counts! :yes:
  11. Here's my rouge vif purse. I get more compliments on this bbag than I do on any other.
  12. Oh hell yeah! It's such a vibrant color and goes with so much! :heart:
  13. Oh my gosh, is it me or does the RV leather seem soooooo smooshy and soft and delectable? Thanks ladies for posting the opinions/advice! It's been said time and time again - this forum is very BAD for my checkbook! I'm going to "see" it tomorrow on my way home from work - just to take a look (yeah, right!).

    aaa - your day is gorgeous!

    valerieb - thanks for the link to the RV thread!

    pupster - that city looks fabulous on you and you're right, the red loooks great against the white and yellow

    deco - your purse is beautiful and i love your dress