do i need a red in my collection?!?!

  1. seriously, im so torn...i have too many blue bags:wondering , but am i ready to part with my teal first for a magenta or rough vif:crybaby: ?????? ...3 bbags in 2 mths really hurt my bank account BAD:true: , im so broke right now.....:Push:

    what do you guys think:shrugs: ? Should i keep the teal, and wait till my saving account reaches the goal balance, and then buy a new "red" bbag??? oh my....bbag fever.....:sad:
  2. I like the teal :smile:
  3. YES, you need a red in your collection. I loveeee red!! :tender:

    If you have too many blues, then maybe sell the teal First. :yes:
  4. hold onto the teal and wait until your financial situation allows you to buy a red free and clear!

    (says the girl with 2 bbags on a CC as she speaks...)
  5. MIMI yea...i love the teal too...its such unique color, and the leather is soooo smooshy:tender: ..
    Irissy I though it would be so easy (for me mentally:crybaby: ) to sell the teal first just like my other bags...but its not...
    moceanohhh..i don't want to pay bags with my CC, i'd be in a much worse trouble if i did:throwup: ....
  6. Keep the Teal! The B-bag blues are the best!
  7. I say rouge vif!!!
  8. i would keep the teal first. i have it and think it is the best in my collection.
  9. ^^I agree! Just wait a bit and then get a red also! ;)
  10. guys are making it so hard:Push: .....
  11. hey bb10lue - maybe you should just keep the teal for the mean time and just wait till you get up to the GOAL balance in your bank account OR sell the teal to fund a red b-bag! i still think that every girl needs at least one red or pink bag!!! good luck with what you decide!
  12. ^^agree~helen i really want a red bag:shame: !!
  13. the answer is yes, you must put a little red in your life :P ...i felt the same need recently & since i couldn't get a new bag, i got a mini coin purse in "fire engine red" instead & i love it :love:
  14. Thats a great idea:heart: ~~i got a LV MC koala, was hoping to add more colors to my collection~but i still want a red bag.......
  15. I agree.

    I do think you need a red but wait till you can buy one w/out selling you teal. I sold my pewter to help pay for a new bag and I'm upset I did that. I wish I had it back