Do I need a re-glazing--help!!!

  1. ok, just about half hour ago, I take out my MC noe which is I brought in July, and begin to put my stuffs in it. Then I find out that certain area of the buttom edge of the strap are pretty rough. And you can see a line (not sure it should be called cracked line) where two pieces leathers joined together. I try to take some pics to show you experts, but it turns out the pics are blur and hard to see. Now I am so nervous, I only took her out for a four days trip back to CA. :tdown:

    Well, I am not sure what this is called, if you look more carefully, you can see the line and roughness.

    guys, what should I do? Is this issue in the re-glazing category? Need advises!

    PS: Can anyone show me a condition that need to be re-glazed, so I can compare with mine.

    Gosh, I hate to see anything wrong with my loves:sad:! Sorry for the long post. Thanks guys!
  2. Oh dear. I think it may be helpful for you to post the type of climate you live in so we can perhaps determine if it is a humidity issue or a dry climate issue. That would be helpful for the experts. Also, how was the bag stored? In the dust bag and in a box? In just a dust bag? Just on a shelf?
  3. well, I live in Arizona which is super hot and dry (above 110F now). I store my bag in the dust bag then I put it inside of a box. But I took her on a vacation about two weeks ago, since I came back she sits inside of a dust bag, not in the box.
  4. Did you mean to post pictures? I can't see them..
  5. Yeah it could be that it needs reglazed, I'd take it in to your closest boutique and see what they suggest.
  6. Def take it to LV. That is the best anyone can really say to you unfortunately. I am sure they will help! You should ask them if it is a good idea to use a conditioner on your bags becuase of the dry and hot climate!
  7. i live in az too, and i have noticed that my bags age here a lot quicker than in georgia. they patina faster- due to our amazing sunshine, and I've had the sealed edges peal on monogram pieces. :sad:take it to the scottsdale boutique and see what can be done. i've had a few pieces repaired there. good luck!
  8. ok, guys. I finally took some pics, I hope this would help you guys to determined whether my baby need to be re-glazed. My DH examed it this evening, and he thinks it's OK (no big deal). But I am still worried, maybe I worried too much....
    DSCN0382.JPG DSCN0391.JPG
  9. Just as I thought...I knew you would tell us you lived in either a very dry or a very humid climate. Yes, it looks to me like some reglazing is in order. No rush though, but I would take her into your closest boutique for a professional assessment.
  10. Thanks guys! I just came back from my boutique (mmcgurgan thanks for the infor and help). The SA examed my strap, and she told me that it's ok. She said that she does not see a problem. So I guess I should stopping worrying now?! She told me that re-glazing technique usually applies on wallet and damier line because their edges joined in a different way. She showed me a wallet, for me, the edge looks like having a rubbery coat on it. She mentioned that if it falls off, and that is the time to get a re-glazing.

    So..... that is the report. What do you think? Does it make sense? Should I try the lotion? if I should, which one (lotion) is better, appleguard or wilsons?

    Thanks again guys!
  11. I live in Yuma, AZ and I have had the same thing happen to all my bags, although I wouldn't refer to this as a re-glazing issue. It's just the nature of the "red edge dying." The fact that you can see both slabs of the leather doesn't mean it's about to fall apart, so no need to worry about that. :yes: I've used Coach moisturizers on some of my bags that I don't use so often, but it does tend to leave the vachetta a shade darker. However, if I use a bag everyday (like my BH) I don't really find it necessary.