Do I need a Pap smear for Birth Control?

  1. So, I'm 17,(almost 18 in december) and I really want to go on birth control because I have bad periods,(cramps, moody... etc). I am not sexually active, however, so my question for you ladies is do I have to have a pap smear in order to get birth control? Oh, and I want to get it from my doctors, not from planned parenthood or anything like that.
  2. I don't think you HAVE to get a pap smear in order to go on the pill, - but you are nearly 18 and you are having bad periods, so you probably should go have one done. Ask if your regular doctor does the "well woman" exam if you don't want to go to the GYN.
  3. No, you do not! Generally all that is needed for hormonal birth control is for the doctor to verify that you do not have high blood pressure.
  4. You don't need one, but as soon as you turn 18 you should have them anyway and have them every 1-2 years.

    BTW, there's nothing wrong with Planned Parenthood, I've been going to them for years because I think they provide better service than my ob/gyn did!
  5. I completely agree, I find them to be much better listeners and much less hurried than most doctors offices, where the patient is generally treated as an inconvenience. So don't automatically rule them out!
  6. My gyn requires that I have a pap smear before she will even refill my BC!
  7. Although you may not need one for a prescription for birth control, most OB/Gyns will not prescribe it unless you have had a full gynelcological exam. You ought to have an exam when you are 17/18 and then one a year after that. So I would not be surprised if most doctors would refuse to write the Rx without an exam that includes a pap.
  8. every doctor i've been to has required a pap before I get BC (only two cuz i moved and switched doctors) but even if yours doesn't, you're at the age where you should really start. they aren't that bad. ask around your friends to see if anyone has had their first one yet, i bet someone can give you a recommendation for a great doctor.
  9. ditto.

    any reason you don't want the pap done? You may not be getting b/c with the intention of being sexually active, but it's a good thing healthwise to do.

    If you're not sexually active at all, you'll be a virgin even after a pap. Just remember to relax and breath.
  10. I've only ever had doctors check my blood pressure/ask about smoking when prescribing BC.
    You may need a gynaecological exam because you're having issues with bad periods, your doctor might want to rule out things like PID, endometriosis, cysts and so on before prescribing BC to treat your symptoms.
  11. My gyn requires me to go once a year for a pap and well-woman exam and then once every six months to check in and make sure everything is going okay. The prescription I get is only for 6 months
  12. And most doctors will tell you that now that every year is recommended. My doctor found irregular cell growth on my second Pap at age 19 (Not due to HPV) and in 3 months (between dicovery and surgery) it went from mild to severe. If I hadn't gone in for my yearly then they might not have caught it in time. You can never be too careful!

    If you do get a pap, remember they aren't too terribly aweful. It can just be a little embarassing and uncomfortable but just make sure you are comfortable with your doctor. They should walk you through everything before starting the exam. I had my first at age 17 and actually had my mom come with and stand next to me (she didn't see anything LOL) and hold my hand. It really helped to have moral support for such an uncomfortable thing.
  13. my very first time to see the ob/gyn was before i was married and i was still a virgin and i think that was the only time that i got BC w/o a pap. it seemed that when i did need a new BC it was time for a pap.

    and yes it's a good idea to start getting one every year after 18, and if you have ever been sexually active it's a good thing to do, just to make sure all is well down there :smile:
  14. My dr will not refill my bc pill rx without a pap. Of course, that may be bc I've been seeing her & on these same pills for years, plus I'm married so there is activity.:p And yeah, since you're nearly 18 I would imagine that any dr would probably do one. If you were 13, 14, maybe not, but since they recommend you start going at 18 anyway... But its really ok-if you're nervous, try to see a woman (& preferably a young one) & it really doesn't last long. Plus if you don't have any problems, it just a once a year thing!
  15. I think it really depends on how conservative your area/your doctors are. Where I currently live I was not able to get my prescription renewed without seeing my doctor, who was booked three months solid. So I called back home to California and had a new prescription sent up from my old doctor, whom I hadn't seen in a year and a half.

    If you do need a pap smear, it is nothing to be afraid of. Tell your doctor it is your first pap, and they will let you know what they are doing so you can take a deep breath and be prepared (RELAX). However, you will be best off all around if you can find a properly modern doctor who doesn't throw up hurdles to getting birth control.