Do I need a... Medium Mica Leopard Hat Box??

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  1. Do you ladies think it's too awkward to carry, too weird of a look, something that one would tire of quickly? $3850… Less than some of my bags but also more than some of my favorites. Thoughts please?

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  2. Love it! In fact, I've been trying to convince myself it's too cumbersome to carry. I have seen it on sale in the last month
  3. On sale, as in reduced price?
  4. Yes. Bergdorf in store had it on sale 30% off (not sure if they still have stock). Also, saw it on sale on Farfetch VIP...but has since sold out.
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  5. Thank you...
  6. Honestly it’s fabulous and beautiful but I would much prefer it in a mini version for myself.
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  7. I think it's fabulous, but it is expensive
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  8. This is not something you buy based on need. It is not something that is going to keep its value either, but it will look fabulous forever so it is timeless in that way. If you love it go for it but get it at discounted price.
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