Do I Need a Coin Wallet/Purse?

  1. Ok, so I'm thinking of ways to free up my 11K credit with something that I actually need. Here's the thing ... I FINALLY gave in and went over to the "dark side" for a compact fuchsia ostrich Bearn wallet from a different store even though I already have TONS of non-namebrand wallets. However, I figure I want H wallet to match for special occasions. Since the wallet will be compact, that means it leaves less space for items. Therefore, I'm wondering if I should invest in a coin wallet as well.

    Now, do you ladies think that I need a coin wallet or do you think it's a waste of money? The problem with me right now is aside from purses, I don't think there's anything else i need from Hermes ... I'm too cheap to justify spending $800 on shoes or several thousands on apparels ... I can't even imagine spending on jewelries (because I don't wear them) or scarves (because I don't look good with them). The only thing I can think of is coin wallet but I want to be sure it's something that is really useful. So, do any of you actually use coin wallet in addition to a Bearn wallet? The coin wallet/purse I'm talking about is about 3" x 5" with two round-ball-like clasps on top. I don't know how to explain it ...

    Oh and I think it's about $800 or so.
  2. sorry - i don't use a coin purse. how about getting one of those locks for your kelly that has a watch on it. btw, totally off subject, but i think you should still wear your kelly to work - especially if that VP already saw you with it. i know how much you love it.
  3. I have 3 locks right now (1 gold heart lock, 1 gold pegasus, and 1 silver pegasus), all bought because I felt bad for saying "no" to the SA but never used them so I probably shouldn't add any more. Should I get a watch? But I already promised one of my stores that I'll get a watch from them instead.

    I'm actually afraid to bring anything valuable to work now especially after my ipod was stolen the other day - whoever that stole it actually had to nerve to open up my drawer, dig through my purse, and then take it. Oh and the cabinet was locked...
  4. You're kidding!!!:wtf: Oh, leave the Kelly at home then!!!!! Next time, they may not stop at just an iPod.
  5. Did I tell you my car got keyed 3 months after I've finally paid it off? The entire right side had a huge long uneven scratch mark on it. I don't even deal with people at work, I don't play politics, I'm never mean, always polite and courteous. I even try to stay out of people's way ... I just sit at my cubicle and do my own thing.
  6. that's insane. time to find another place to work!
  7. 11k credit? Wow, I say go for the coin wallet. If you need to put your change in something go for it. You can't go wrong with fuschia AND ostrich. Or get a cheaper one and get another bag.
  8. :crybaby: This sounds like the old me!!!! :crybaby:

    you'll be ok. :censor: Haters!!!:rant:
  9. I don't use coin purses unless I'm travelling to put other currencies in. Have you considered a cc holder? That I find very useful.

    I'm sorry to hear about your car and iPod being stolen.
  10. I second that (on both counts).

    A CC holder could also double up as a business card case. That's how I use mine.

    Can't you get security to deal with whoever stole your iPod? That's terrible. People should be protected in the workplace. :rant:
    Sounds like your car is the work of someone really jealous of you and doing nasty things just to spite you. {{{HUGS}}}
  11. Thanks LaVan:flowers: . I actually don't have that many credit cards since I cancelled most of them after ID fraud incidents so credit card holders won't be necessary for me. Hm, I have to think of something to get. Should I get another watch?
  12. I already have a business card holder, plus I'm such a small fish right now that I don't ever get opportunities to pass out my card. Although ... a friend of mine (who is not into Hermes) did say that passing out business cards to male passerbies is a good way to get a date.:lol:

    I spoke with Human Resource who told me to talk to Facilities. I spoke with Facilities and was told that it was not my company's responsibility and that I should file a report with the police:rant: . They said that they've never had this happened to anyone before. They even said that perhaps I got my car keyed somewhere else. Now, that is pretty darn unlikely since the time that my car was keyed, I hadn't gone anywhere outside of work. For those couple of months, I only used my car to go to work and go home (and my car is parked inside the garage). I was so pissed off, the car was only 2 years old at the time it got keyed.

  14. Aww ... thanks Tokyogirl. You're sweet.:flowers:
  15. What's that gotta do with having a totally rad business card holder? :graucho: :roflmfao:

    It does save you from being too obvious :biggrin: "Here, this is my business card" sounds more casually friendly than "Here, this is my number." ;)

    And right you are to be pissed. Someones needs to go medieval on their hineys :censor: :rant:
    File a report with the police and perhaps mention that your employer is not taking any action? I hope everything works out for you.
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