Do I need a 2nd Chanel so soon after my 1st????

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  1. I have finally decided on my 1st Chanel, a black jumbo with silver hardware and I :heart: it! But I have started thinking about whether I should get a GST with gold hardware before the Sept 1st increase with my $300 EGC. I was orginally planning to wait to get the GST because I really dont need it now especially since I JUST got my first Chanel...I was planning on getting a wallet with the $300 EGC. I really am only a one bag at a time kinda gal...but should I get it now so because it will be more expensive later?? Does anyone have any idea what the GST is going to go up now? What does everyone think that I should do...???:confused1:
  2. Well, if you're absolutely positive that you're going to get the GST sometime in the future, you might as well get it now since you have your gift card. Chanel prices only go up, so you might as well get it now while it's "cheap"-er. :yes: I'm an enabler.
  3. Why don't you get the GST at the next Saks electronic gift card event next week and use the two gift cards that you will have to get a wallet? If you know you want the GST might as well get it before the increase, but are you sure you want your only two Chanel bags to both be black? That's the only thing I would take into consideration.....
  4. You girls are so lucky...I wish I'm in the states, then like what Lola24 said, buy the 2nd bag & get the wallet for free (kind of) :drool:
  5. Hehehehee I was asking myself just the same question! I just got my black reissue in July and was already planning my next Chanel bag after that. I can't really get anything too expensive now but that's just me. If you can afford a 2nd one and before the price increase, why not???

    I may cave and get my Timeless Clutch soon... Chanel is sooo addictive!
  6. I'm also a "one bag at a time kinda gal." I think you should wait. Unless you can really afford it with no CC problems... then get it now.
  7. I think you should get the GST ...
  8. Yes, If you plan to have GST anyway, better grab it before the price increase
  9. Yeah, Chanel is addictive... I got my Timeless Clutch in June, Expandable Tote, GST and wallet in July... with the upcoming EGC, I'm really, really considering a medium or e/w flap before the price increase.... but that's really a bit too much in 3 months...

    Sigh, decisions, decisions... How I wish I have an unlimited bank account too :sweatdrop:
  10. get the gst now if you can.
  11. I think GST is already at new price.
  12. What already??? you know the new price?
  13. You should get it.
  14. i just bought a gst, the bordeaux, for that exact reason! who knows what the price will be in the future--so yes, definitely snatch one up. buy it at this month's egc event!