do i look xxxx? why do people comment on how u baby ur bag?

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  1. i don't know if i sound crazy saying this or some of you are on the same boat with me...but whenever i take my bag out...i'm always worried about getting it dirty or placing it somewhere that may get the bottom of my gold feet my solution to that is usually placing paper napkins underneath and sometimes on top of it...just incase...i personally don't find anything wrong with that...just cause i'm usually anal about my things...particularly the expensive ones...and i want to make sure i take good care of it... but it seems others look at me and think otherwise....they give me that i'm retarded's only a bag or oh my gosh...who does that...even making comments on the authenticity of my bag because of the way i baby it...yesterday, i was at lawry's carvery with my b/f and we both overheard the other ladies sitting at an opposite table discussing the authenticity of my bag.....for a moment i went into the bathroom to stockup on some napkins...after i came out and finished taking care of my baggie...i heard one lady say..."oh it must be real, look at how shes placing napkins under her bag".....i thought, if you judge real and fake only by people placing napkins, then u must be a real dumbass.....sorry if i sound mean.....but it's sad to say this, i've heard of people who buy fake hermes for close to a grand and they baby them like would that mean their bags are real because of that..:cursing:......gosh, how can people base real and fake cause of the way one takescare of their bags? she so would have thought it was fake if i didn't place my napkins under it....have someone here experienced something like this?? or baby their bags like me too?? i feel a little sad and upset.....:crybaby::sad:
  2. Sorry that you're upset. Don't let these low life people get to you.
  3. thanks miss sparkles....i'm sure i'll get over it soon
  4. There is this new product that holds your bag securely to a table next to up. It is a hook that you can place your bag on and it hooks onto the table top. It will keep your bag off the floor and clean and safe....
  5. I even put a "seat protector" under my bags in the ladies room and while washing my hands. I ignore other people, where I live no one even knows what a Birkin is.
  6. oh that's u know the exact name of it??
  7. how is that little round thing suppose to hang ur bag?? and how?? does it expand in someway?? looks funny.....
  8. My son's retarded. Nice choice of words.

    On topic - Don't worry about what other people think, it's a lot of money to spend on a bag.
  9. Always rise above those who don't know. Why let others steal your joy?

    ((off topic - Cal, you are such a wonderful and devoted mother, I only hope if I ever have kids I can be half the woman you are :flowers: HUGZ))
  10. i guess it's just easier said than b/f told me the samething.....but i just get so annoyed when people don't know better....
  11. Who cares what they think?!? Do what you have to do to keep your bag looking gorgeous. These are the same people that probably carry grungy dirty looking bags instead of taking care of them. I baby mine too, and select certain bags depending on where I'm going.
  12. Don't worry about what people have to say, some people just don't know a good thing when they see one.:rolleyes:
  13. In many areas, people are just not exposed to nice things so they don't know them, when they see them.

    Not only that, just from your description, I received the impression that these bystanders were not exhibiting very much, if any, class.

    I carry cloth napkins or paper napkins and have been also known to use a restaurant menu to set my Birkin on....if it must go on the floor. I have also used purse hooks ( hanging the bag from the table )

    A another thought.... you might not always want to carry a Kelly out to dine but, if I know ahead and it's a situation where there's no safe place to put my Hermes, I carry a Kelly for it's shoulder strap. I can either hang the strap on the back of my chair, or, if need, be, off my own shoulder or if I carry my very small Kelly 25, I can set it on the table beside me.
  14. can I edit the word "retarded" from your title?
    A lot of people here, incuding me have had family members w/ mental disbilities and this word really grates on some of us.