Do I like LV now??................

  1. I ordered the charms cles for my friend as a present, she is a die hard Louis fanatic! Now i wanna keep it lol, its so cute. I love the little lock . Im not a logo person but I think the small accesories are so cute I ordered the small red heart coin purse and a flap cles in white vernis, well pearl its called, they are so cute !!!! And after going to the LV boutique and talking with a sales rep it seems the line is going more with Marc Jacobs signature look , kiss locks ect.. I love my Marc! I think I like Lv stuff now :shocked: , but still dont like the mono stuff, not my style . But the new bags coming out in april very very nice.... I might be an Lv fan after all:nuts:
  2. Welcome, there are always bags people like and others dislike...fortunately (my account thinks differently on that) there is something for everybody!
  3. Well..are you going to give the charm to your friend?? lol

    There is something for to see the pics of the charm
  4. I love the charms!!! :nuts: I say KEEP IT! lol (sorry, i'm bad influence :biggrin:)
  5. lol u were trying to get me to order a fushia one hahaha but I got white, and omg I think I am keeping it:shame: . I will get her something else lol
  6. You should give your friend the original one as it was intended as a gift to her. Afterwards you should reward yourself for being such a generous friend by buying a little LV something... hhmm??? :rolleyes: :devil:
  7. just give her like a regular mono or damier cles :lol:
  8. I know I know I will think about it I do like the cles tho its so cute!!
  9. once you love LV..... there's no turning back :graucho:
  10. ^
    Unless the successor is Hermes. :graucho:
  11. Too funny! The charms cles is great! It holds so much!
  12. What Bag Should I Get One W/o Mono .i Like The Vernis. Suggestions?