Do I keep or return?

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  1. I ordered 2 pairs of boots from
    Alti Booties and High Boots in suede... only thing is they are 140s and I checked all my other CLs and they are 120s... I do love them but am thinking they are too high... but don't want to regret returning them. What do you all think?
    Do any of you have 140s? Are you comfortable wearing them, and for how long? I would post pics but had such a hard time doing it once, anyone has suggestions on how to post pics quickly (i have a mac) thanks!
  2. They have a double platform, so they will feel about the same as a 120 with a single platform. The trouble some people have with these styles is the toe box, not the height.
  3. keep!! youwillget used to 140s in no time this is a problem alot of girls havein the beginning just practice you willregretreturning!
  4. I have a pair of 140, but the platform height is 40, so they were very comfy. My other pair of boots are 120 and single platform and I find that harder to walk in than 140... Much harder. As a result I haven't worn the boots as much as I wld like to. So we have a similar situation :lol: My thought: I am going to keep on practicing till I can walk in them with ease. So worth it!
  5. You really need to try them out to make a decision.
  6. I would keep them, you will get used to the height for sure!
  7. You will not know until you try them on, but I suspect they will be just fine and I hope you are able to keep them.
  8. practice, practice, practice....keep!
  9. I don't own high louboutins but I am an advance wearer of super high heels :smile: all I can is, practice! It gets easier as times goes on :biggrin: when I first started wearing higher heels it felt really hard but within just a month it was a breeze!
  10. Practice wearing them on carpet and see how it goes (carpet protects the soles) if you find that you just don't feel comfortable then return them. I have a feeling though that, as the others said, with a little practice you'll be rocking those bad boys in no time! In the end you gotta do what makes you happy though.
  11. arghhhhh I wish I looked at this before I went to UPS... I sent them back and am regretting it already :sad: I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to wear them because of the height. I am just really hoping they will have them on Wednesday in 120mm. They seem sooo much higher than the 120s, but I guess they're not. :sad:
  12. My husband actually didn't send the packages out!!!! I still have them! Woo hoo... So I will decide between the two and keep one. I'll also order Foot Petals tiptoes.. I heard they help, is that true?
  13. try them around the house for a bit a see how it feels.
    You might get use to them, but really it is your decision at the end of the day ;)
  14. I'm in a similar situation myself!
    And like I mentioned in the out net thread my shoes aren't 'singing out to me like they should and making me feel like I HAVE to have them...
    But your altis are very nice & it seems like the issue is simply with the height... If that's all it is, then you should definitely keep them and practice around the house!
    HTH :biggrin: