Do I keep or do I sell?


Should I keep it or sell it?

  1. Keep it?

  2. Sell it?

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  1. I currently have Sapin Green, Emerald Green and Apple Green in the twiggy style.

    My least favourite is sapin. Whilst its a beautiful colour, it doesn't do it for me like the other two. The others are much more vibrant and cheerful.

    Although the leather is beautiful on the sapin.

    Have I got too many greens, and if I don't love it, should I get rid?

    I'm undecided as to whether I should keep or should I sell? Help me decide.
  2. Yes~ sell it and use the $ to buy another gorgeous bag!!!!!!
  3. If it doesn't do it for you, sell it and move on!
  4. u don't like it, sell it!
  5. I agree... if you aren't going to use it as much as other ones in the same color family, sell to get one you will :heart: & might be a bit different...

    I was getting too many blues that were similiar, so I sold a few to diversify to get some other colors...
  6. sell it.
  7. I'd love to diversify, particularly with a rouge theatre. Which is why I'm thinking I should sell.
  8. i don't feel you have too many green because they are all very different in color range. but i always agree with the rest of the ladies that "if you don't love it then let it go".
  9. Sell it..
  10. if you don't love it, you should sell it
  11. Do you have any reasons for not selling it???
  12. Sell it! For that much money, it should THRILL you!!!:yahoo: One womans expensive trash is another womans expensive treasure!!!
  13. if you don't love the color, you should sell it and buy the color you love. :yes:
  14. I voted to sell it. I agree with purseooooh.
  15. Sell it...I'm repeating the opinion that for that much money, you should feel your heart skip a beat whenever you look at it! Get something you truly adore, don't feel guilty about selling. The more your sell your bags, the easier it gets- trust me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.