Do I keep my Tivoli GM?

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  1. I purchased my Tivoli GM two days after Thanksgiving on eLuxury as a Christmas present for myself. I (somehow!) managed to keep it under the tree until Christmas. Even after waiting all that time I still haven't worn it. There's something about the relaxed bottom and the sheer size of it (I'm 5") that has me considering returning it. (My very first LV< mind you!!!!)

    Am I the only one feeling this way? I keep pulling it out thinking I should keep it. It is so beautiful. And maybe a bottom shaper would help. What do you think? Are any of you petite girls rocking your GM? Has anyone found a base shaper to help?

    Should I return it? Has anyone successfully worn the PM on their shoulder? Questions, questions! Thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. It's a very nice bag but if you're not 100% about it you shouldn't keep it. Have you been walking around the house with it? If you don't think you'll get used to it, maybe you should go to the store and try on the PM. I've seen it being shoulder-carried as well on smaller women.
  3. I think this bag looks great in the GM, even on small framed women. Can you post a modeling pic? I am 5'3" and very petite and I wear big bags, but you are shorter than me. Let us see!
  4. moving to LV forum . . .
  5. Tivoli is gorgeous.. I like the relaxed bottom actually... I feel like it would look stiff with the bottom shaper...:flowers:
  6. That is a great bag. And it has been out of stock in most boutiques. I know the boutique I go to has a waitlist for it.

    If you are truly not happy with it, then send it back.
  7. You should return something you dont absolutely love!:smile:
  8. ~Try to post some modeling pics and we'll try to help you out...whether Yay :tup::yes: or Nay :tdown::nogood: BTW, what a great 1st LV. :jammin:~
  9. I have it and I love it so its hard for me to say this, but, (gulp), if you don't love it, send it back so it can go to someone who will truly love her. I find the sag very tiny, even with all my junk in it.(just as an aside)
  10. Ooh I love the Tivoli, but I agree, if you don't love it exchange it for something you do love!
  11. Hasn't the 30 day return policy for ELux already passed?
  12. I don't have an LV store near me so I ordered both PM and GM over the phone so I could see them side by and side and figure out which one was for me.

    I really wanted a shoulder bag since most of my LV's are hand held. I liked the GM but found it a little to big for me. I don't carry enough stuff to fill it out, so when I carried on my shoulder, the bag would deflate and take on a "squashed" look. Also, I didn't like how the bottom sagged in the middle. It sort of pushed up the feet on the bottom so that they became visible from the front and back of the bag (if that makes any sense). I wished they made this in am MM size...that would have been ideal.

    Anyways, to make a long story short, I decided to keep the PM. All my stuff fits in it perfectly with some room to spare. Even my Soupcon LV sunglass case fit....and that's pretty big.

    I'm waiting for the Galliera and Montorgeuil to come out so I can finally get my shoulder bag.
  13. it's 60 days for elux :graucho:
    If you are not happy with it, I'd return for something you like better, keep in mind the price increase is 1-23-08, so if you want something else, I'd exchange it asap :yes:
  14. I have the PM and LOVE it! It's the perfect size! Return it and get something you'll feel like a million bucks carrying. ;)
  15. Oh, I love Tivoli GM :nuts: if you're uncomfy, just return it but it's so fab.