Do I hear striptease music???

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  1. FedEx has come and gone a long time now but my new baby has not had her big reveal, any body feel like a little striptease??? :graucho:
  2. bring it!
  3. <pulls out a 20> GO BABY GO!
  4. 20s are good! do we have any guesses, hehehe?
  5. x
  6. *lights up cigar*
    Go on ahead! :sneaky:
  7. i can never get my pics to come up when i insert images, waah. all i get is an x.

  8. Good start, HC!!! go baby, go!!!!
  9. i will give you tiny comes in a leather that starts with C!!!!
  10. Ooooh!!!
  11. hmmmm is it chevre or courcheval or coromandel or ....
  12. well since coromandel is a type of chevre, and i thought courcheval was discontinued...I am going to guess it's....made of a goat! LOL
  13. ooh!!!!! That's a BEAUTY!!!!!

    *throws $ bills in appreciation*
  14. uhm mebbe, mebbe not...have i gone thru all the Cs??? :lol: we do know there is some goat on her somewhere tho...
  15. [​IMG]