Do I have to take special care of my reissue?

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  1. So I'm reading all these threads and nobody seems to be carrying their reissues (even the non-metallic ones) everyday. Why is that? Are reissues more delicate than other bags, and do I have to take "special" care of mine?

    Right now I do carry my 07A black w gold hw one to work quite often, and sometimes on wkends too..
  2. The only reason I do not carry my re-issue everyday is because it's too small for all my weekday needs.

    I really don't think they need any special care.
  3. Maybe reissue is too dressy for work?
  4. I agree with Michele. For everyday I carry my Chanel totes, and on the weekends I carry one of my reissues.
  5. Ah ok thanks girls, so it's more a question of size of the bag then...=)
  6. since i work in fashion, i also carry my 226 metallic black to work. i'm not that careful with this reissue and it's still perfect. i think because it's metallic and black, it's very easy to take care of. it was even caught in the rain this past Monday and it's still looking good (although I'll never attempt this again!) :smile:
  7. Eeep, thank goodness you didn't get any permanent water stains on it!! Yes I am soo grateful that the reissues are calfskin, not lambskin..