Do I have to pay if I win a FAKE item?

  1. I'm really interested in this coach wallet. I posted it to be authenticated on the coach forum but there hasn't been any response and the auction ends shortly. If I bid and win the auction and it turns out fake, do I have to pay for the item? Obviously before I bid, I'd like to know what would happen so I'm not going to do anything until I get a response.
  2. Well, yes, you have to pay for the item if you bid on it. If you're unsure, then save yourself the stress and don't bid on it. If you don't pay for it, the seller can leave you negative feedback. You can retaliate, but it's probably not worth all the hassle from the beginning. KWIM?
  3. i despise non-paying bidders and i say that YES, you should pay. if you are not sure or if the price seems to good to be true, i would overlook it and wait for something you feel more comfortable with. there are alot of fake coach wallets on eBay and the odds of it being fake are very high. i
  4. Yes, a bid is legally binding. If you are unsure, please don't bid. Saves you a lot of headache and possible a neg/strike.
  5. Please, please don't bid at all! If you're unsure, don't do it! My stupid friend did that, though that's how I found this forum, but not many people like us now because we asked for advice even though we're non paying bidders... so don't do it. It caused a giant problem here, there's a thread on it somewhere.

    Don't bid on it if you're not sure.
  6. Yep, if you bid you should pay. If it turns out to be fake you can always file a snad to get your money back, but that is just another headache.....if you are not sure don't bid.
  7. If you do bid and it turns out to be a fake, you can report them to eBay. The seller must then authenticate it, otherwise they cannot sell it to you and you will not be obligated to pay. But the smartest thing to do is not to bid. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  8. yea don't bid next time. i almost made that mistake this week but was really scared of the low BIN and no picture showing legitimacy so I bought the bag in store and even wound up with a different color.
  9. Def. DON'T even report her to eBay as selling counterfeit.
  10. If there's one thing I've learned on this forum, it's not to trust ANYTHING on ebay unless it's been authenticated by someone who knows what they're talking about. I just don't bid now unless I am 100% positive it's authentic. I'm starting to think I will just pass on ebay completely, and only buy new.
  11. Take it from a 15,000 count fake Coach Ebay reporter. DO NOT BUY THE WALLET!!! 99.9% of all Coach wallets on Ebay are fake. Find a Coach Outlet store and chances are you'll find one at ebay prices and it will be authentic GUARANTEED!!
  12. Whoa, 99.9% is damn high! =/
  13. I really do not understand why buyers bid on items and then try to authenticate them right after the auction ends. Are they just too lazy to do the homework first?

    It amazes me how many will bid, then decide it MIGHT be a fake, so don't pay and then start to ask the questions.

    Waste of everyones time including the forum posters who need to post to now tell the buyer how to resolve their problem.

    If they receive the bag in the mail and it turns out to be a fake, that I can understand a bit better, but this bid and win and then panic is just plain crazy.
  14. But on designers wallets, sad to say its true. They are MUCH easier to make and get straight for a counterfeiter. Never buy one on Ebay unless you KNOW the seller WELL. KNOW exactly the item down to the correct stitching, the lining its supposed to have, etc. I got stuck with one so good the Coach store manager had to get a real one and put it side by side to find the flaw, but it was there!