Do I have to own a Hermes bag to

  1. sport a Hermes scarf? Can I use a scarf that I adore on one of my other brands of handbags or is this really tacky? I am eyeing a couple scarves and other accessories.

    Thanks. :flowers:
  2. Not at all! Try the scarf around your neck too, and as a belt....
  3. i have the opposite problem. i dont have any Hermes charms except for the cadenas that came with my bags and i find that my Vuitton charms on H bags just look kind of blah and tacky, or so i think. i'd appreciate opinions on this as well.
    to answer your question, however, im not sure, cheekers. on one hand i'd say a pretty scarf on a pretty bag is always good news. on the other hand...the bag better be pretty! haha :smile:
  4. Something to put on your NYC shopping list??
  5. Before I had my first H bag, I tied the H pochettes to my Lv bags all the time. :smile:
  6. for sure rose! and you dont need to drop a fortune on them either, which is great.
    i LOVE the heart in leather and the Eiffel tower in leather!! and i want the heart charm in GH.
  7. Rose, my NYC shopping list continues to grow with each day, it seems.

    Cheekers, the H charms can be worn around the neck. if you like that sister wears her elephant on a leather cord.

    I have tied my twillys to my LV Speedy and they look great together. Gives the brown mono a little punch of color.
  8. Is a pochette the same thing as a scarf? New to Hermes, and thank you.
  9. The pochette is a smaller scarf, about 16 inches or so square as opposed to 35 inches square.

    We're all new to Hermes at some point in our lives;)
  10. i downloaded the things on how to tie hermes scarves last night from the hermes website. there are sooo many uses! i think they would make any outift or bag look fantastic! you don't need a bag to rock them!

    i think it depends on the bag and the charm or scarf. if you like it and you think it's cute it's not tacky or wrong! it's lv and hermes! what's not to love!
  11. Thanks everyone. :smile:

    I don't have an LV either, though. Right now I only have Kooba and Coach. It may mean waiting until I have the right bag to sport the scarf with, but until then maybe there are other uses I do not know about.

    What size of scarf do you usually see being used on a bag or as an accessory?
  12. a twilly or a pochette as a bag accessory but i think you should get the nice large scarves and wear them in the many different beautiful styles!
  13. Not at all! I think it's fun to "dress up" our bags :yes:
  14. Thanks everyone, I will have to look up the different ways of using them! Sounds fun.
  15. oh goodness no. you can use the scarves w/ whatever you want.. lol - i usually use mine has a halter or band top underneath a blazer.