Do I HAVE to buy a wallet????

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  1. If u have a designer purse, such as the LV mini lin do you HAVE to buy a wallet. I just don't understand $520 for a wallet. Not to mention how long I've had to save up do a LV purse. I have an old black leather prada wallet, is that okay!! I just don't know whats right or worng when it cums to these things.

  2. Whatever you want to do!!! It's your purse and your wallet! I save my money for the purses and not the accessories. I just don't have the money for it. My wallet is from DB Clay (I think), it is actually made of duct tape. But you would never believe it.
  3. Personally, I don't think you have to have the wallet. I'm with you, I would never pay that much for a wallet. If you like your prada wallet by all means use it. If you ever decide to get the LV that is up to you, but you don't have to and I certainly wouldn't find that tacky. I change my purses to much to care about my wallet! That is just my $.02 cents.
  4. I don't think you have to match. I always just use the same wallet in all my purses...
  5. I only have 3 wallets in small, medium & large.
    Like you I find LV wallets extremely expensive...I mean just add a couple of hundreds & you can buy a purse!

    I agree with gingerfarm, your wallet doesnt have to match your purse. But its good to at least have a good quality wallet that will last for years.

  6. THANK you so much. I swear i love the purse forum....have a good one!!
  7. I tend to spend more on bags and not the accessories. Your Prada wallet should be fine.
  8. Spend on what you want. :yes: I have a no name wallet but designer bags. If I see a wallet I really like and am willing to pay that much for it, I'd get it.
  9. Honestly, I'm not a fan of spending a lot of money on a wallet (I've explained this elsewhere on the LV board). Really, you can find any wallet that will last you forever and still a fraction of what you can get at designer places. Bags, on the other hand...;) :heart:
  10. I agree with pretty much everyone here and I think it is a waste, when you could just grab another bag with that money! I have two nice wallets and I swap them out on a regular basis to keep either from getting too worn and to change it up a little. I am in the process of looking at buying a new one, but if I bought one for every bag I buy...WHOAH! :nuts: I would be homeless very quickly...
  11. it all depends on what you like
    I just bought a LV wallet- call me crazy- but I loved it and it was the only one I could find that was exactly like this..
    but my plan is to use it for the next 100 years..
    you could turn it the other way around- my wallet is in use every day- my purse not- and where do I need the most quality ;)
    It all depends on what one likes
  12. i have a 12 dollar liz claiborn outlet wallet inside my 600 dollar purse. it's the only one in any price range i've found that does what i need it to (and believe me, i've looked. a lot.) and it's held up better than some expensive wallets i've bought in the past. (it's going on 3 years) my personal preference is not to have clashing logos (gucci or coach logo wallet in an LV mono bag and vice versa) but that's just me. your bag, your wallet, your life. do what YOU want! :smile:
  13. 100% with you!
  14. Not at all, i'd buy something will match all my bags. Say something in black or red, maybe even brown.

    I guess the only reason i'd buy designer is the that is going to last forever. That although it seems like a ton of money at the time but its s omething that pays for itself.
  15. I am one to have the matching wallet!!!! If I am using my gucci purse, I will have the matching GUCCI wallet - I have a brown and black wallet to coordinated with my black and brown purses. Same thing with my Burberry - if I am wearing my Burberry, I will use my matching Burberry wallet.