Do I have an ice cube's chance...

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  1. in finding a sequin Spotlight at outlet/reduced at Macy's/reduced at Dillard's? Probably not. :cry:
  2. maybe in 1-2 months or so???? M A Y B E
  3. Once the strings start pulling and the sequins fall off or break off, I am sure you will find them at a discount.

    And it is going to take some careful checking to make sure you get the perfect bag.

    JMHO - I think they will fall apart easily.
  4. Unfortunately, I do have to agree that when I saw the sequins on that bag... that my first thought was also that they would eventually snag :sad: I do think they will go on sale later on too. So good luck :smile:
  5. I too, took one look and thought "now there is a REALLY fragile bag!"
  6. #6 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    Wow, they JUST came out a WEEK ago (or was it a couple weeks?)...but I agree, when (if?) they start to fall apart, they'll be sent to clearance/outlets SUPER fast.