Do I have an ear infection?

  1. OK, so I've been having this weird dizziness and nausea since yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. I am going to the doc tomorrow but I just wanted to see if anyone here would know anything. I didn't get a lot of sleep over the weekend and on Sunday I went to a movie. Right after the movie, I started feeling kind of nauseous. Then I had to go back to school, which involves taking a 1.5 hr ferry ride and then a 40-min car ride back to campus. I was nauseous the whole way there but it wasn't quite bad enough to throw up but almost. Then today I woke up and I still felt nauseous but I felt dizzy on top of that. I took a couple of Gravol but they made me super-dizzy and tired, it was actually really scary. I got back to my room after school and crashed for 2 hours, so the dr's office closed. When I got up, I still felt really dizzy and my ear throbbed a couple of times but that was it. Could I have an ear infection? That would explain the nausea and dizziness but I can't even figure out how I could have gotten one. I haven't been swimming in weeks, but I did just have 2 back-to-back eye infections and a possible lung infection, all within the last 2.5 weeks. (It's been hell.) Does anyone know why I feel like this?