Do i have a fake

  1. I recently bought a bag at Marshalls, I love my new bags and the brand is Tig bag. I was recently told that it's similar to a Tignello brand so I check and this is what I found.

    So does Marshall carry a knock off brand? Is that legal? It's the exact same bag but mine is red and it's a very good quality bag. It doesn't look the the real bag come in red.
  2. Is it possible that this is the lower tier line of the same brand?
  3. I think sometimes Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc get slightly while it may not be a fake...just slighly imperfect
  4. I've seen lots of those bags at TJ Maxx, but I can't recall any of them saying Tig(they did say Tignanello). And I may be wrong, but they are such an inexpensive line as it is that I can't imagine it would be faked(of course it can be).
  5. I am pretty sure that Marshalls carries another line of Born shoes produced at a reduced cost which look the same as the original. Maybe the same is true of purses.
  6. Isn't it sad that we have to worry about fakes so much!

    Things that were make for the outlets store end up in Marshalls and TJ Maxx. So it could just be something that is not on their website.
  7. Tignello has some bags labeled Tig Too. The ones I've seen say Tignello on the inside though.