Do I have a chance?

  1. I recently discovered the brown Onatah GM and now I want one. (I know I'm late) Were these bags popular? How come I missed it totally. Was I sleeping?

    Is it possible to find these anywhere or am I screwed? Let-trade has a suede one for a great price but I want a leather one.

    I checked elux and all they have is the purple.
  2. I think you're not that late.. Try to call 1866 or LV store nearby, I think there're some..

    Good luck ;)
  3. yup, 866 is ur best bet, good luck!
  4. I thought Onatah was permanent?
  5. I know this is not much use to you but my store has all the onatah colours and sizes PLUS still has some suede ones in stock:smile: I am sure there will be some around;)
  6. Hopefully you can get one! Try calling the 1866 number, or why don't you have your SA help you find one?
  7. According to 1866 today--they told me that the brown leather GM is all sold out.

    Only the aubergine is still available
  8. I think they're amaxzing too and I only found out about them when I joined TPF. Hope you can get one!

  9. Are they less expensive in Austrailia?
  10. ^^
    No prices here are more expensive than the rest of the LV world .. The GM is $2330 AUS $$ or something like that.
  11. The PM is on elux