Do I have a BIG problem unfolding right before my eyes?

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  1. I very reluctantly sold to a buyer in x country so I made sure I paid an extra $50 out of my own pocket for an Express Courier service with insurance and courier delivery by DHL in the country of delivery.

    Tracking was showing attempted delivery on 13th Feb but the buyer said she didn't even have a delivery card. I followed up on this end and was told that a Mr X had signed for the dellivery. When I queried why the package was given to someone who the package was not addressed to they said it is a door-to-door service.

    Before I sent the package I addressed the box, took a photo of it and emailed it to the seller to ask her to confirm the address was correct. Yes she said it was right. She says she does not know anyone called Mr X but Mr so-and-so sometimes takes deliveries and she will check.

    I'm so anxious right now. Am I being hypervigilant? Where do I stand with ebay and insurance? Technically the bag was not was delivered to someone.

    So freaking out right now....knew it was only a matter of time before I had my own ebay nightmare...
  2. can you tell us what country are you shipping it to?
  3. I believe if a dispute was opened by the buyer, paypal would rule in your favour as it has been delivered, others will chime in though.
  4. Livy - I don't know if there is a problem with me saying the country or not. It is European.

    Ladyisobel - thanks for your thoughts. I just don't understand DHL giving the package to anyone especially since it has the customs value on the package! The delivery address seems to be an apartment building.
  5. sorry to hear this woody but it looks to me like you've done everything right, even providing a courier delivery.
    let's see what your buyer says re: the delivery,maybe she did get the bag.
    i hope all goes well woody!:hugs:
  6. ^ Awww thanks puka. I just have a bad feeling about it all somehow becoming my fault. I don't think her address was confirmed whatever that means?
  7. I will call both eBay and Paypal and speak with live agent and see what your options are.
    I found out that they are more likely to rule in your favor when you call - they make a note of it. Good luck to you!

    PS: I don't think Paypal address needs to be confirmed any longer for you to be protected, as long as delivery is trackable online.
  8. I am sure it will work out for you! Why don't you ask your buyer to follow up from her side. As far as I know, DHL will ask for an ID before handing the package over.
  9. OP, no worry, you will won any dispute with both eBay and Paypal-the item showed delivered and someone signed for it, as long as you shipped it to the address on the transaction page. If your Buyer lives in an apartment building, maybe a Concierge or the door man signed for it?
  10. Woody If it hasn't been solved, have you tried PayPal live help?
  11. Update!

    Buyer followed up DHL and apparently it was dellivered to customs? I'm confused . I don't know if it was delivered to her building and her neighbour who took the package happens to work in customs or if it just went to customs.

    She is still trying to get out of paying customs even though I told her I would not write down the value and my listing stated that customs and duties are the buyer's responsibility. I also offered to cancel the transaction after she won (because she only asked after she won if I would write the value down from $1xxx to $xx).

    I still feel nervous about the customs thing because I think she will get a rather nasty bill.

    SSSSOOOO cured from buying and selling bags right now :s:faint::Push:
  12. ^^^I hear you on that one! I have only a couple more things that I might want to sell on *Bay eventually, but then I'm done! Craigslist, all the way! The fees and buyers on *Bay have gotten crazy! Although I'm nowhere near your level ($1xxx), it was stressful every time I sent a bag out!
    Good luck! Be sure to post us to update on the status!
  13. Looks like she has already pinned herself to the wall by sending those emails to you. You will be able to get help from eBay if she she leaves you negative feedback. Did your listing have the section on customs duty in the top half of the listing or below? - that is one of their criteria - it's hidden in the fine print.
  14. ^Agree with above... emails saying she wants you to mark the value down (as I'm guessing you didn't have that as an offering on your auction to do that...) but that doesn't get us to the point she actually accepts it...

    As I think if she was to open a claim they'd say what that INR was valid since they couldn't prove the buyer picked the item up from Customs? Is there something you can get from DHL on a status report or such that shows that it's in buyer's hands to receive the package and pay the duties?
  15. I did not get it. When you checked the DHL tracking number, it said delivered, signed by Mr.X, or just attempted delivery?
    If it's said attempted delivery on the tracking, then you will loose if your buyer file an INR claim.
    But if it said delivered, you have no problem.